Building Minnows: found @aleksandra.mart + SBI Sponsoring [W6]

Still a light downtrend on the number of daily posts and active users at the STEEM blockchain. According to STEEMTOOL we ended the week with 5029 daily active steemians that posted around 7923 posts a day…

The situation is not dramatic at all but still worrying… However, I am fully confident that if the crypto market keeps growing, we will see a massive entry of newcomers and also people who has left trying to join again in the platform .

This week I have found @aleksandra.mart as a very good and motivated steemian to follow. She is a beautiful Russian Lady that has passed a week or so visiting Barcelona, my city, and she has published some good content about it.

I think she has a very interesting arts related blog so I think she has very good skills for becoming a great steemian.

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SBI Sponsoring

Besides @aleksandra.mart, this week I am going to provide my @steembasicincome shares to @javirid and @himalayanwomb.

@javirid is an old fellow steemian who is now working on a new DApp developed on top of the STEEM blockchain. According to some comments I have read from him, his intention is to launch the DApp by the end of the month but, honestly, I am not sure which kind of DApp… Hope we can read more about in the coming days but as I know @javirid , I am sure it is going to be something good.

It is not the first time I shared some @SBI with @himalayanwomb but man, he really deserves it. He is not the typical runner who you can find in any city or town. He is a High-altitude Runner who used to train at the Himalaya!!

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All in all, they represent really good candidates for the #tenKminnows @steevc initiative,

And that’s all for this week folks!

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Building Minnows: Small SP Delegation to @anaclark + SBI Sponsoring [W5]

Still no important change regarding activity in the STEEM Blockchain…The number of active steemians keeps going down despite a little recovery experimented one month ago.

According to STEEMTOOL we are ending the week with 5165 daily active steemians that post around 8041 posts a day…

Anyway, I am fully confident it is a question of time that we will see the recovery of the activity… I think we are very dependant on the market conditions… if the market keeps growing, we will see a massive entry of newcomers and also people who has left trying to join again in the platform .

Last week I was pleased to have found a new steemian to follow straightly since her very first post, her name is @anaclark and I think she has a lot of talent for writing and describe her thoughts…

She wrote another great post which had not the great success as her first one had, anyway, I invite you to read it:

“This is My Little Ki”

@anaclarck started at steem as many others, with very poor Steem Power… actually, she run out of Resources Credits very rapidly while trying to reply some comments that she gets at one of her posts… one of the comments was mine…and she replied later on, telling that she was run out of SP…

I decided to delegate some SP to her so she can have some RC in order to interact more frequently.

Hope people like @anaclarck will find its way and remain here.

SBI Sponsoring

This week I am going to keep my @steembasicincome shares again to @marenontherun and @mrhill , and I am also adding one exceptional runner to the “party”, he is @king-cobra and he is at the doors of becoming Minnow as well so I think he can be a very good candidate for @steevc initiative #tenKminnows .

If you like running, maybe you would appreciate this post from @king-cobra:

“Running is my life” , it is an old post but a very good one.

And that’s all for this week folks!

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Building Minnows: @anaclark found + SBI Sponsoring [W4]

The number of active steemians keeps going down despite a little recovery experimented one month ago.

According to STEEMTOOL we are ending May with 5714 daily active steemians that post around 9200 posts a day…

Still very far from the level we were playing with on early 2018 which were more than five times those values.

As you can see, in terms of active writers we are at the level of the second half of 2017, previous to the big bubble which brought the STEEM price to touch 7.5 USD by the end of that year… I am still convinced we can reach not that level but higher.

Anyway, all in all, nowadays it is not easy to find newcomers with good written stuff…however, I found @anaclark today…


@anaclark has written one of the best introductory post I have read lately. So, Who the Heck Am I?

This canadian lady is a writer and despite according to her post she seems not to be in the best conditions of her life, she wrote a perfect post, talking about her life, preferences, problems and hopes… I definitely enjoyed reading it so I followed her straightly. Hope she keeps writing here. I think she can find many support in our STEEM community.

…perhaps other supportive steemians as @slobberchops and @steevc may help her also.

SBI Sponsoring

Besides @anaclark, I am keeping my particular “raindrop” of @steembasicincomes shares on @marenontherun and @mrhill .

@marenontherun looks to be fully recovered from her injure and she is really increasing the running activity consistently.

@mrhill keeps posting daily on his @actifit count mainly. From time to time I check how the accounts of the people that I follow behave, just to see if they keep growing according to the expected plan. When I checked @mrhill I realized that he was still stuck at the very same level as it was one week ago… so, no growth at all or very little actually… Then I understood he had a problem getting his Author Rewards, something related with how you set up the actifit App… but @mrhill finally fixed it after my comment…

The Steem blockchain has so many things to discover, some will benefit you, some not so much… we have to keep learning.

And that’s all for this week folks!

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Building Minnows: SBI Sponsoring [W3]

I am really pleased to have found people as @himalayanwomb this week.

I really enjoy that type of posts that bring me to places I would like to go, but I like even more if the context of the posts also talks about running.

That’s what @himalayanwomb offers, exotic places from India, Nepal , Himalaya together with experiences about running, hiking, exploring…

This guy started on the Steem Blockchain early 2018 but seems he has not so many followers and support despite he has maintained a sustained production of good and original posts including also very interesting pics.

(Extracted from: 10Km Train Run With 1650 meter Elevation Gain )

He is really at the boundary to become a Minnow so I think he deserves some support to reach that condition, perhaps other supportive steemians as @slobberchops and @steevc may help him also…

SBI Sponsoring

Besides @himalayanwomb, I am keeping my particular “raindrop” of @steembasicincomes shares on @marenontherun and @mrhill .

@marenontherun is doing great also reporting on her running tasks as well as getting better from an old Fasciitis Injure which is not a minor issue.

@mrhill keeps posting daily on his @actifit count mostly but he is also investing some STEEM in order to grew up in the platform. Well done mate!

And that’s all for this week folks!

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Building Minnows: SBI Sponsoring [W2]

This week has been a weird one. I did not find new steemians to follow, however it is true I couldn’t dedicate my time this week on a more intensive research.

I am really satisfied for having found @mrhill last week, he is posting almost every day and from time to time he writes very good stuff about Running topics as for instance this one .

Normally, I like to do my own research in the quest to find new steemians to follow, in particular I am interested on those good content creators that would need some help to grow up and build their account at least till the Minnow’s level, if you know someone who deserves to be supported, please let me know…

SBI Sponsoring

This week, besides @mrhill, I am going to sponsor @javirid and @pandorasbox with @steembasicincome shares.

About the first I already spoke about.

About @javirid I would say that, he is one of the more original steemians I met. He used to write short posts, usually in spanish despite his english language skills are outstanding. He is not the typical “spammer”, he really writes what he feels, no matter the topic or the discussion and I really appreciate his honesty, opinion and help provided in many occasions. Additionally, he is always supportive in STEEM technical aspects, as Witnessing, Coding, Development… I would like to see @javirid reaching Minnows-land and beyond in short…

What to tell you about @pandorasbox ? @pandorasbox is a MUST BE FOLLOWED steemian. Why? Simply read the following posts and have a look to her blog:

Bull market confirmed – From now on it is time to BTFD!

Bitcoin: Is this a Sucker’s Rally or Denial? ? Yes, I’m still here! Read all about where I went and why I’m back ?‍♀️

And that’s all for this week folks!

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