Building Minnows: SBI Sponsoring [W3]

I am really pleased to have found people as @himalayanwomb this week.

I really enjoy that type of posts that bring me to places I would like to go, but I like even more if the context of the posts also talks about running.

That’s what @himalayanwomb offers, exotic places from India, Nepal , Himalaya together with experiences about running, hiking, exploring…

This guy started on the Steem Blockchain early 2018 but seems he has not so many followers and support despite he has maintained a sustained production of good and original posts including also very interesting pics.

(Extracted from: 10Km Train Run With 1650 meter Elevation Gain )

He is really at the boundary to become a Minnow so I think he deserves some support to reach that condition, perhaps other supportive steemians as @slobberchops and @steevc may help him also…

SBI Sponsoring

Besides @himalayanwomb, I am keeping my particular “raindrop” of @steembasicincomes shares on @marenontherun and @mrhill .

@marenontherun is doing great also reporting on her running tasks as well as getting better from an old Fasciitis Injure which is not a minor issue.

@mrhill keeps posting daily on his @actifit count mostly but he is also investing some STEEM in order to grew up in the platform. Well done mate!

And that’s all for this week folks!

Steem on.


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