Exceptional moment to get more STEEM from your SBD (Rinse and Repeat!)

At the time of writing, you can get 2.604 STEEM per every SBD you have at the wallet… that is using the internal market but if you are using bittrex you have this:

1 STEEM = 0.3679086 USD

1 SBD = 0.98164784 USD

So, if you use BITTREX as exchange for SBD / STEEM trading you can get 2.668 STEEM per 1 SBD

Maybe not so much difference taking into account the extra costs that exchanges charges for trading or withdrawing…

So, I am going to use the internal market instead, let’s trade internally!!!

I am going to use one of my Steem accounts on which I used to deviate some SBD for savings:

Hey!! 57.564 STEEM per 21.814 SBD , so a rate of 2,6388 STEEM per SBD not a bad deal at all!!!

Now, just we need to wait till having a good moment to have better price for getting more SBD that would be when STEEM will be back again to 0.43 USD (remember that we have a STRONG HISTORICAL RESISTANCE at 0.43 USD)

This is one of the advantages of STEEM blockchain in comparison to the Exchanges. Many whales have been taking profits and increasing their earnings just by doing this simple trading operation INTERNALLY.

Remember, rinse and repeat!!!


About the author: toofasteddie
Father, Runner and Crypto Addicted

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