Yesterday I wrote this post on which I wrote that we should consider the option to start a campaign similar to the STEEM POWER UP DAY aka #SPUD but in the inverse way in order to see and quantify what is the effect on the steem PRICE if we manage by at least a couple of weeks to stop feeding the exchanges with fresh STEEM.

I have called it the STOP POWER DOWN MONTH aka #SPDM and I think the effect can be beneficial for every body, including witnesses and whales because if we create scarcity we would have a lot of chances to see STEEM growing at the CoinMarketCap.

Despite I am pretty happy with my list of selected/voted witnesses, I am going to start doing my particular campaign by removing my witness votes from those witnesses within the top 20 that keeps Powering Down.

For your information the following is my current list of witnesses:


I am going to analyse each one of them, if you are within the first 20 top witnesses and you still keep powering down I will remove my vote on you, at least temporary.

It could be great to know as well the opinion of the witness community…hope they comment.

It would be great if more steemians follow also this campaign, if you agree with me RESTEEM would be appreciated.

 If you feel like not having time to do a proper analysis and still think that mine is fair , you can also choose me as your proxy that will vote for witnesses for you.

Just, keep using your witness votes doing an important work.


Steem on!

About the author: toofasteddie
Father, Runner and Crypto Addicted

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