Save some of your SBD in the wallet…

…because you will have the chance to buy STEEM even enormously cheaper soon!!!!

We all thought Steemit INC was planning somehow to reduce the amount of STEEM they used to withdraw to the exchanges due to the excellent cost reduction and new incomes coming from Ads revenue but…


Instead of reducing, they are increasing!

Last Tuesday:

Just today (less than a week later):

340,000 STEEM thrown out to the exchanges in just 6 DAYS!!!

This is what I call an Excellent “Programmatic but Erratically weird spoil Sell“…. and the best of all, I am sure they are selling at any price so, save your SBD and be prepared to buy STEEM below 0.20 USD or much lower because once STEEM reaches the 101 position the SURVIVING MODE will come back again.

It is really painful to see this happenning…

…but I am keeping being positive with the Long Term future for STEEM… we just need @steemit to finish squeezing the lemon, though…

For the moment I am keeping all my SBD at the wallet and exchanging the liquid Steem I have earned to SBD as well… this is the only way to avoid further losess due to both, the Market correction and the @steemit “Programmatic Sells”…


About the author: toofasteddie
Father, Runner and Crypto Addicted

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