Seems that finally “marketing” starts from today

Yes, seems that finally the people from Steemit Inc. have decided to do something, somehow diffident for the moment but definitely dedicated to promote Steemit beyond the borders of Steemit itself…

They have created a new account called from which they want to promote the Social Web Steemit at Twitter.

Many people are right know commenting in the announcing post, the majority of them are supporting the new initiative, some others ironically complaining about while also in favor, because, of course, no one can be against it…

To tell you the truth, I am expecting even more efforts on the Marketing side from Steemit. Promoting Steemit and more lately Steem as well have been done for many long term steemians till now while Steemit contributions has been almost zero at Twitter.

Steemians as @nathanmars , @stephenkendal , @theycallmedan they are really working hardly already at twitter , spreading the Goodness of the steem blockchain anytime and in every place.

Now, they want to start from the “basics”…that’s fine but, come on! WE HAVE TO REACH THE WORLD HERE!!!!

Could you tell us what will be the name of the Twitter account to follow in order Re-Tweet your Marketing Tweets?

I hope this is only the beginning of a major Marketing Plan so, please team, do nice ads, share your twitter account, call the community for spreading your message and it could be a good start!


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