Understanding the new rewarding curve…

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I have been observing for a while how the new HF21/22 is affecting my Voting Power at steemworld… Actually, I have seen some weird numbers regarding the worth of the very same percentage of Voting Power produces depending on which post I am upvoting on…

For instance, a couple of hours ago I saw that one follower (@kokoliso) decided to upvote with the very same VOTING POWER on two of my posts written yesterday.

According to steemworld, the two actions were done at the same moment or at the same minute… @kokoliso upvoted me with the same voting weight, first on a post that was earning 1.01$ and then on a post that was earning $4.94

What is weird here is that seems that the effect on the post rewards was different. As you can see in the previous image, same Voting Power seems that produced $0.01 on the first and less rewarded post and $0.02 on the second that was more rewarded…

So, I have done the same action myself upvoting 2 posts of equal earned amounts applying the same voting weight:

As expected here, 35% of my maximum Voting weight produced the same effect on two posts of equal earned value…The value of my upvote on both of them is worth $0.02 (Curation: 0.048 SP)

But what happens in case I use the same voting weight on an already high rewarded post?

Simply my upvote impact on the post is double in this case, $0.04 for the same 35% Weight Upvote !!! (Curation: 0.058 SP)

And why is it possible?

It is possible because the famous new rewarding curve which has a chart similar to the following:

If you use STEEMNOW from @penguinpablo you can find another useful tool to understand this point. There you can get the following chart:

Essentially, in that tool you can play with the MIN and MAX SP values, by default it shows the rewarding curve depending on the accumulated shares produced by the upvoters , so, for instance, if your post is voted 100% weight by one only account with 80000 SP, or the equivalem sum of upvotes with smaller SP, the chart will be the following:

In grey is drafted the old rewarding curve, in blue the new rewarding curve…

As you can see 80000 SP voting at 100% would worth $1.061 in the old curve and $0.955 in the current rewarding curve… 80K SP vote is still losing rewards…

How much should worth the post to be upvoted in order to be profitable for the upvoter without losing or, even better, getting further more than the expected linear rewarding voting system?

The post starts to be “profitable” starting if the sum of SP of the upvoters reaches 150K SP or, at the current STEEM internal price around $1.98 as you can see below…

From that value of $1.99, your UPVOTE IS WORTH HIGHER and so, it also multiplies the author and curation rewards of upvoters…

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-9.png

I think this example demonstrates who is winning now, Big Stakers, some shy Bid-Bot users and a few succeed authors…

Now the question is… How do we solve the problem of becoming visible in order to be considered a good author to support?

Should they buy 150000 STEEM and power up?

Should they buy Bid-Bot upvotes?

I frankly do not know… I am happy with the downvote effect over abusers and also glad with the Steem Proposal System and 50/50 author and curators rewards… But this rewarding curve is really too aggressive…


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