Monthly growth: Crossing the 6000 SP

One month more at the STEEM blockchain.

Almost 26 since I started at this blockchain. During all this time I have never powered down.

I have accumulated all my SP rewards coming from Author or Curation and I also have bought a few times STEEM and power up mostly.

Despite I have withdrawn some of my liquid rewards as well, I have been focused on building my SP stake, so, part of those liquid rewards have gone to feed also my Steem Power.

Today I am at the moment to cross the 6000 SP on my main account, 2600 SP out of the 6000 SP have come exclusively from Author and Curation rewards.

…and from those 2600 SP, at least 2200 SP have been obtained during the last 12 months.

This month, my Author Rewards have decayed a little compared with the two last months:

Perhaps the current correction on the market has had some effect on the trend…I guess..

However, my Curation rewards have marked another All Time High:

So, something I am doing well, at least…

Compounding both charts:

So, it has not been a bad year at all in terms of building my account.

If I manage to maintain the uptrend here, 8000 SP can be an achievable target by the end of the year…if not earlier since the Market is offering an excellent opportunity nowadays.

Keep accumulating!


My opinion regarding creating different accounts to upvote with different tokens…

I have seen many steemians that I follow creating alternative accounts in order to upvote with the different steem-engine tokens airdropped during the last weeks.

I confess I also created one in order to deviate the Good-Game tokens I received, on which I feel as not identified myself with the trybe created, in order to upvote with it to certain accounts, mostly in automatic fashion using the amazing tool created by @holger80 called Steemrewarding and following the idea of @abh12345 .

There are people that have created dozens of these alternative accounts and, despite I appreciate the upvotes coming from them, I don’t think the main aim of the Tribes was thought to reward people in “automatic”.

The main “aim” is to support those persons that fit your interest on a particular tribe by manually curating , and mostly, if you feel that the post deserves to be upvoted.

If these people you follow is rewarded with an alternative account but not with your main, sometimes happen that the “prize” you are giving or demonstrating towards your “colleague” is somehow very little indeed.

That’s why, after having tested my alternative account on Good-Game tokens (GG) I am not going to further create alternatives accounts, if I follow you and I find that you deserve my upvote I will reward you with all the tokens ascribed to the post, including STEEM, PAL, LEO, SPORTS, ZZAN, CCC, STEM or whatever the tribe!

What I am not going to do is to upvote you with and then with my main account because, besides to be a really waste of time, that’s not the aim for what Trybes have been created IMHO.

However, this is my personal opinion and maybe yours may differ.

Surely this is not the best approach for having an excellent ROI approach but, I don’t care. I have so much work lately that I don’t think the prize of doing it deserves my effort…

Don’t become crazy man!


p.s: I think I should use #creativecoin here… at least it has been original, hasn’t it?

I have to say that I am not in favor of doing such a thing

How worth is your Staked PAL?

In case you don’t know, you have an amazing tool called “STEEM SCOT Voting Power” created by @blockchainstudio on which you can perform staking, claiming, check Voting Power or change your weight multiplier there.

It also tells you how much in STEEM is your Staked Token worth.

For instance, I have 1210 PAL staked:

So, according to the tool and also to the current trading price of PAL vs STEEM, in my case it is worth 508 Steem, ie 128 $…

Not bad taking into account that my investment has been almost zero!

The same you can do with any Steem-engine token, just change my user name and the Token symbol in the link below:

For LEO I have the following:

1318 LEO = 160 STEEM

Not bad at all, isn’t it?

Love #newsteem !


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