Epl Weekend

Today is another day for the sports guys, the lovers of football. Liverpool has successfully obtained their 3 points and now leading the table with 21 points. It wasn’t easy for them tho because during the first half of the game it was draw and when they came back from the pep talk that talks really did it job. So Liverpool performed their magic again and lead by 1-0 till the end of the match. It wasn’t easy for them tho. The newly promoted teams that just joined the epl is really making the senior teams finds it difficult to score them. They are proving stubborn. I will end my talk with a joke that is trending. Barca and Chelsea. When you look at the last 4 matches of Barcelona and Chelsea they are almost the same. When Barcelona play draw Chelsea also plays draw, when Barcelona lose Chelsea also lose and when Barcelona win Chelsea also win. I will show you a picture of how it looks like. Have a great weekend.

About the author: Desmond Duodu
I am a crypto enthusiast guy. I also love to help friends and see them make it in life.

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