Garbage IPO of the Day: $NDLS

This series is simply being created to show that there is risk in ALL investale assets, not just altcoins and crypto. The recent trend by the government and regulators is that alt coins are exit scams that are being made to raise money and then stealing the hard worked coin from the moms and pops who do not do their do diligence. Well guess what? This is not an isolated incident. ALL INVESTABLE ASSETS HAVE RISK…even the regulated ones…

Noodles and Co.! What a garbage stock. This stock went public in June of 2013 and opened at the STRONG price

About the author: HeyImSnuffles Snuffles
Just Climbing the Wall of Worry and Picking the Right Time to Get out of the Way. I am a Nuclear Engineer who quit and has studied global and crypto markets for almost a decade.

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