Nestle is betting on The “Healthy Food” and “Ecology” Trends !

to sell a chocolate made without added sugar (CNBC)

  • Nestlé is about to launch a new 70% dark chocolate
    bar, the “Cacao Fruit Chocolate”, which does not include any added
  • It
    will be made from the cacao fruit only, with the white cacao pulp acting as a
    natural, more sustainable and healthy sweetener. The new product will be
    launched in Japan this autumn and is expected to be introduced globally by
  • Another
    100% cacao fruit juice with lime granita will be commercialised end of this
    week at the KitKat Chocolatory Ginza Store. The two products will be sold at
    $3.7 and $6.93, respectively.
  • The company
    is looking to patent the pulp mixture process
    , which helps to reduce food waste, as it uses 31% of
    the pod vs. the current 22%.

Analysis and Comments

  • You should expect a continued increase in product reformulations and product innovations along the lines of Nestlé’s most recent launch.
  • This is largely driven by a combination of pressure coming from both the public as well as a growing number of governments and regulators, the latter of which are increasingly aware of the strain that obesity & diabetes is putting on global healthcare systems.
  • Already, diabetes care forms 10-15% of healthcare budgets, and Healthcare analysts expect a near doubling of the number of diabetes patients by 2025, which risks bankrupting publically funded healthcare programmes in Europe and making health insurance increasingly unaffordable.

Nestlé develops recyclable paper packaging for Yes snack bars (SupplyChainDive)

  • Nestlé
    has developed a high-speed flow
    packaging technology
    that allows paper to be used on a larger scale instead
    of plastic films and laminates. As a result, Nestlé will sell its Yes snack
    bars in a recyclable paper wrapper.
  • The
    packaging, made of water-based coating and sustainable sources, is available in
    13 countries and will be introduced in Europe and other locations going
  • Nestlé
    has been committed to make all its
    product packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025
    , and other manufacturers
    (e.g. PepsiCo, Nestlé, Mars) have launched recyclable packaging programs as
  • According
    to Reuters, the company may also use paper packaging for its Kit Kat bars and
    other products, once it is able to
    supply sufficient amounts of the specially coated paper.

Analysis and Comments

  • As the article states, consumers’ demand for sustainable and environmental standards in the food industry has been increasing steadily, with a Nielsen survey from 2018 stating that 48% of U.S. consumers were likely to change their purchases to meet environmental standards.

Nestle Share Price

Garbage IPO of the Day: $NDLS

This series is simply being created to show that there is risk in ALL investale assets, not just altcoins and crypto. The recent trend by the government and regulators is that alt coins are exit scams that are being made to raise money and then stealing the hard worked coin from the moms and pops who do not do their do diligence. Well guess what? This is not an isolated incident. ALL INVESTABLE ASSETS HAVE RISK…even the regulated ones…

Noodles and Co.! What a garbage stock. This stock went public in June of 2013 and opened at the STRONG price

Garbage IPO of the Day: $APRN

Blue Apron folks. This is your garbage IPO if the day. This company went public in June and 2017 and within its first two years of trading it has lost investors…93.5% of their investment if they bought the opening print. This is a classic example of a garbage company, going public because it needed the money to stay in business. Remember folks there is one main factor that ANY company will go public.m, and that is because of the money, whether a need or a want. APRN is not trading at $0.65.

There are many IPOs that are like this

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