Steem Monsters season ending //

So another Steem monsters season is ending in approx. 8 hours. I think i can honestly say that im slowly starting to lag behind the other players, overall.

Ive probably mentioned it a million and one time already how i go about playing Steem monsters and what my “sale” tactics are.

Unfortunately i knew that i couldnt maintain my gains at the same levels indefinitely with minimal investment in my decks. Last few seasons i would regularly finish at Diamond 1, but i dont think i will manage to reach that rank this time around.

I would even do the dailies at higher ranks then this season which meant fewer cards every day. With all that i had a streak of bad luck this season so i barely managed to sell 10 STEEM worth of cards across both accounts. (Probably the worst ive done so far) And that includes rewards from the previous season end.

Ill try and push up a bit on the ladder to at least increase my rewards a bit for this season although i dont have high hopes pulling anything big. Been having diminishing luck ever since the legendary summoners drop that treated me very well, if i may say. 😛 hehe

Oh and one more thing to add for SM players. If you do pull something tomorrow dont sell it right away. You never sell cards when a large number of them reach player collections. The price drops really low, really fast and bounces back after a day or so. If youre selling, its best to sell after the initial card dump. And yes this IS card advice. 😛

Ill see you folks around and good luck to everyone with the draw.

About the author: lordbutterfly
Im a Steem and Whaleshares blogger that writes about crypto and everyday stuff.

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