Is STEEM preparing to Bounce Strongly ? ???

As I wrote in this post a few weeks ago when I digged into HF21, I believe this will be very positive for the STEEM price in the Medium Term.

Now that we have different tokens (thanks to Steem-Engine and soon to SMTs). The ecosystem is flourishing quickly through the many dapps that you all use daily.

With this new HF21, stakeholders (therefore investors) might play a bigger role curating and harvesting more value of the STEEM Blockchain. In order to do so, they will have to increase their SP Holdings (which we are seeing during the past 2 days).

STEEM Price is performing very well ahead of HF21

I read daily very carefully @penguinpablo reports. In the past days, we have seen Steemians STAKING more than they were Unstaking ! Yes, you read that right.

This has not been the case for a long, long time and I believe considering the current price of STEEM outperforming the Crypto Market, a few more days like this and we could get into a STEEM Frenzy again.

Steemians and Investors have been powering up in the past 2 days

I have been buying STEEM in the past months and will try to do so before HF21.

Active Steemians Writers are also staking

I came accross this post from a fellow Steemian @toofasteddie:

In this post, he is explaining why he sells its STEEM Alts to Buy more STEEM before the upcoming HF.

I think, to make STEEM price continue on this trend, we just need a few hundreds of Steemians, before outsiders see the move and amplify it !

Stay Put, Kepp Building and Kepp Buying STEEM !

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