How did you felt on your first Withdrawal

The best experience ever in my life on steemit is the day I first converted my crypto to fiat and got them in my mobile money. It was kind of wow this is really real. Because at first I taught it was fake because I have tried on most of the online making money site and anytime I try to withdraw the money I have earn they will tell me to perform a survey and other stuffs which makes the whole thing boring then I will stop. But when I got on steemit and withdrew some small amount of money into my mobile money i shouted wow. I will be here everyday. Just imagine the mood I will be in full of smiles and joy. Share with us the mood you were in when you made your first withdrawal on steemit. This is a short post thank you and will be waiting to hear your side.

About the author: Sophia Duodu
I am a hard working girl who recently joined crypto and will want to know more about Crypto Currency.

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