What does it take to get burned out?

What ive seen during my time here are people with very different posting habits. There are those that are very active in the community that post very rarely and then there are those that arent active at all and post very frequently. And then theres everything in between.

Ever since i stopped frequenting Discord i regularly post twice a day which i find pretty awesome considering there were times when i couldnt find myself writing 1 post a week. True story.
At this point in time it is extremely simple for me to come up with a post. All it requires is a second to come up with a title and the rest of the post just flows easily.
Ive gotten so good at piling up words one after the other that i feel i could go on writing a simple post about, basically nothing, indefinitely.

But thats something i feel at this moment. The question is how long can it last?

This isnt a “job” and i am not a “blogger”. Well technically i am, but i wouldnt call myself that.
Its something that i do for fun and glory.
So stopping isnt that hard.
All it takes is not typing Steemit/Whaleshares into the google browser.

What if the price fell lower? Do you still stick around?

Well ive seen the STEEM price go as low as $0.23 while my posts were getting 20 cents on average. haha. And i still piled on post after post. I didnt even care when no one was reading my posts because i wrote for myself. And when my posts got read, and folks didnt like them, got mad and offended, i just flipped them off. (nicely. :D)

For some reason i just never feel like i should skip a day, take a break, and when i do skip a day, its because i was extremely busy and couldnt find a minute in the day.

Now i go and ask a question of the reader. lol

What would it take for you to get burned out? Low rewards? Bot nonsense? Stupid drama? No one reading your posts?

If youre spending time here now during this bear market, im pretty sure there arent many things that can burn you out.