Guys… Go grab 150 STEEM or 1200 WLS on Coinbase for free.

Just a short post this time…. As some of you may know Coinbase bought…
They are using to give out crypto and spread awareness about crypto currencies that bribed them for a listing…(haha. sry i had to) You can basically complete the tasks in 2 minutes if you are already familiar with the project by skipping the videos.
I think in total you can earn 70$ if youre a US citizen and about 20$ if youre not.

Its basically free cash..

Just follow this link and click the wait-list for each token. You should get a callback inside one day..

Ill see ya…

Coinbase XRP bribery rumors// Oh, say it aint so!

Can it be? Say it aint so!

Lol. I mean bla bla bla, it could be fake news, but lets be serious for a second. First they list ETC that is a shitcoin and now you get XRP, kind of out of nowhere listed after Ripple had allegedly offered to lend $100 million in XRP to start letting its users trade the token on Coinbase. The firm had reportedly made a similar offer to Gemini – albeit amounting to $1 million.
Seems kind of hard to believe that Coinbase would list xrp for free after being offered $100 million. (If the rumors are true)
Its not unusual to see project leaders paying their way into attention by buying a exchange listing. But what that does is lead to folks not taking crypto seriously when the rich can bribe their way into anything.

Sure, you could say:

exactly like everywhere else.

The thing is that that isnt entirely true. There are laws that regulate those kinds of things in the markets outside crypto, while in crypto its happening literally everywhere. Crypto was supposed to lead us away from the corruption, favoritism, politics, put tech in the forefront, but in reality, white collar criminal activity is one the biggest aspects of crypto right now.

If getting listed was a equal playing ground for everyone when we are talking fees (Nasdaq for example) then i would have no problem. But the centralized exchanges are literally in some cases extorting money, overcharging, lying about volume, pumping certain coins and doing all kinds of other shady stuff.

And none of that has to do with Blockchain technology and everything to do with human nature.

Ill see you around and keep on hanging on! :D—–

Started Tweeting Coinbase a bit. LOL

You guys must have noticed that lately folks have started quite a few twitter campaigns. Latest one was Aggroed calling on folks to vote for a guy to get a Steem Monsters tattoo. (SM won, btw lol)
And even newer campaign was started by Runicar with basically tweeting Coinbase to list STEEM.

Problem is that Coinbase has already shown that it has absolutely no intention of listing STEEM a few months ago when it made its shortlist of 30 something coins and STEEM wasnt on that shortlist.
They basically dont care about mainstream adoption or tech value or tech potential, all of which STEEM scores very high.

Theres something going on there. Either they are corrupt, easily bought or they have an agenda. Maybe even direct investment in a coin. Who can say?
Considering that almost all exchanges are shady as hell (according to blockchain transparency institute), its almost a prerequisite for them to even be called exchanges.

Which is why knowing that STEEM has really no chance at getting a listing i decided to do a few different tweets for fun. lol
Might as well share them.




Lets make a difference!! lol
Ill see you around.