Started Tweeting Coinbase a bit. LOL

You guys must have noticed that lately folks have started quite a few twitter campaigns. Latest one was Aggroed calling on folks to vote for a guy to get a Steem Monsters tattoo. (SM won, btw lol)
And even newer campaign was started by Runicar with basically tweeting Coinbase to list STEEM.

Problem is that Coinbase has already shown that it has absolutely no intention of listing STEEM a few months ago when it made its shortlist of 30 something coins and STEEM wasnt on that shortlist.
They basically dont care about mainstream adoption or tech value or tech potential, all of which STEEM scores very high.

Theres something going on there. Either they are corrupt, easily bought or they have an agenda. Maybe even direct investment in a coin. Who can say?
Considering that almost all exchanges are shady as hell (according to blockchain transparency institute), its almost a prerequisite for them to even be called exchanges.

Which is why knowing that STEEM has really no chance at getting a listing i decided to do a few different tweets for fun. lol
Might as well share them.




Lets make a difference!! lol
Ill see you around.