Drug Wars tip #1 // How to stop anyone from attacking you ever. COM week 666

You all heard about the No 1. most glorious STEEM game on STEEM. I will not go into unnecessary detail but i have to say:

Drug Wars is the da bomb. Its the 100 proof alcohol homeless people crave. Its the steroids dumb bodybuilder bouncers crave. Its the sushi Ninjas love.

Damn, arent stereotypes amazing!

At least they didnt try to make the spy unit a reference to James Bond. Looks like Johnny English, has 0 attack, always dies on his first mission.
Haha. What kind of weak ass spy is that? Why even have him wear a suit? Oh no, wait… I get it… He knows he will die 100% when you send him on a mission so hes already wearing a suit for his funeral. #ThinkingAhead!

But thats nor here nor there. Im trying to teach you how to stop anyone from attacking you ever.

So theres this guy that attacked my alt account yesterday. Whooped my ass.

Screenshot (331).png

When everything is summed up, he ended up being 80k alcohol in plus while destroying my team that is worth around 500k in resources. Alrite. Thats cool. He came out in the plus.
But that made me kind of mad. Wiped my whole team for 10 hours of alcohol production!?!
Hell no!

So what i did is the following. I didnt want to destroy his whole team, because that “wouldnt be fair” (didnt want to be a complete dick) but what i did do is be a slightly less jerk and destroy only double the resources he spent on his units then he gained from me.

Screenshot (332).png

I sent a few hundred more Rowdies afterwards.

Now consider this! Who in their right mind would attack you for resources if they knew that you would just destroy double the unit worth of resources they stole from you. No one!

Its a fool proof tactic.

This deserves to be a comedy openmic entry due to Drug Wars being ridiculously bad to the point of laughter. This is not how you set up your battles system, ffs. lol

Keep on Steeming/Whalesharing and doing drugs.. Because doing drugs is much better then playing Drug Wars. Youll live a healthier life.