Everything into Heist! // Drug Wars

Just wanted to point out a few things about the downward spiral Drug Wars is in.
We all know by now that the game will die completely if there arent drastic changes to its economy.
Finally that realization has hit many people. At this rate, it seems that aprox. every 2 days the reward pool reduces by $100. This will slow a bit but at this rate i give the game 3-4 weeks of life left in it..

That is due to the simple fact that in order for the reward pool to get filled up, you need players to spend STEEM, which is not happening due to the exponentially increasing upgrade price and the limited STEEM user base.

At one point it becomes a much better choice to roll another account then to spend on upgrades. Which most folks wont do since the reward pool is already drained..
The reward pool getting emptied could be slowed down if STEEM had a increasing number of users coming in to spend, which is not the case, not only with STEEM, but everywhere else as well.

If i were to simplify it even more: The guy that set up the economy on Drug Wars was an idiot.
He is not an idiot for making a mistake, anyone can do that. He/she is an idiot for not doing anything about it weeks ago when the problem was pointed out.
Making a mistake doesnt makes you an idiot. Being stubborn, rejecting advice, not doing anything about the problem when its pointed out to you does make you an idiot.

With this emptying of the reward pool happening, eventually Drug Wars reward pool will reach sub $50 daily reward pool and stabilize somewhere around there for some time.
But it will inevitably hit $0 or be shut down by the devs.
If they figure out the economy, and change absolutely everything, that ofc wont happen.

But still, changing everything would require them to let the reward pool drain by itself so the community wouldnt be mad about their STEEM being stolen. When the reward pool is empty, only then can they revamp everything.

Do i have big hopes that the game will survive after that time? No. Do i think the game will ever be as big as it was? No. Do i think theres a chance for them to fix this? Yes.
But then again, theres a chance ill win the lottery on Wednesday. hehe.

Still, Im one of those guys that like to give folks a benefit of the doubt. From what ive seen of the Drug Wars team they really seem to be trying lately.
Dont get me wrong, i think they are dumb as a bag of rocks and completely incompetent but i still believe they are trying and if given enough time they might be able to come up with something.

Some would say Ned and the Steemit.inc team are incompetent as well. But youre getting MIRA, arent you. 😉

Anyways… What i wanted to say is:

If everything remains exactly the same, and you want to get back as much money as you can, PUT IT ALL IN HEIST. The upgrades are exponentially more expensive and players just wont be buying them, which means you shouldnt either.

Or, you can trust Drug Wars team to come up with something that will stop the reward pool from draining, and will make your investment in upgrades more beneficial. Its up to you.

Ill see you around and keep smart… when youre Steeming. 😉