Another question to my favourite witnesses?

Hey guys!

This time Steemit INC has given us a tesnet to try the new proposals!

How is going?

Did you have time to test the new Hardfork at the TESNET?

Below the list of my favourite witnesses, the question is for you:


Are we going to have a “dejavu” of the Hf20 here?

No, seriously, I think it would not be bad at all to have some feedback from you…

Steem on!


Another Hard Fork coming!!!!

I have just read apparently all the information I get about the, let me named as “the Sudden creation of another HARDFORK for Steem” in order to implement by one side the so called “STEEM PROPOSAL SYSTEM (SPS)” on which I don’t have anything against and, by the other side, an “Economic Improvement Proposal (EIP) ” on which I have serious doubts about its efficiency as a solution.

I do not want to explain here what all of these changes would mean, instead I am going to point you to the post of @timcliff which, in my opinion is sufficiently clarifying (…or not)…
Please, read this post.

They are trying to fix “the problem” of the steem blockchain by implementing a 50%/50% rewards for content creators and curators respectively as IMO major change.
Very difficult to forecast the result of the change… looks like in principle, content creator would lost part of their rewards in order to encourage curators find good content to upvote for…
It is still to be demonstrated that this change or the change of moving from a linear rewards curve to a convergent linear rewards curve will motivate ORCAS and WHALES to change their upvoting behavior or stop delegating SP to bidbots or the like…
But this post is more related with the fact that STEEM has a problem of MARKETING as well. We are sitting at the 61th position of the TMC…

Would you think this sudden HF will help to get more investors on STEEM?

If you were an investor looking for altcoins to buy right now, which one you would choose?

The more visible, the best marketed, the one with less internal problems or, the one that is in permanent economical change since the beginning and with an uncertain HARDFORK result coming?

I’m not against improvements if they are so…but I really think the exposed proposals are drastic changes, which can complicate even more the things to the already damaged STEEM price.

@timcliff also listed as a part of the problems that:

Little to no marketing is being done.

…and there is nothing proposed yet neither a plan to solve that point and I don’t see how HF21 will fix it in short to medium term…

For me it is clear that before doing anything at the level of changing the CODE we should focus on the MARKETING aspect more seriously and, to tell you the thruth, I do not understand why the bloody SMT project is not even mention nowadays…at least now that seems that the costs will be reduced finally…

Perhaps we have to wait for the next, not the current one, Bull cycle in order to finally see someone reading how promising is the Steem blockchain…