All Time High…

…again on Author and Curation STEEM POWER REWARDS for the month of May!!!

Who was going to say to me one year ago that just by curation I would get close 30 Steem Power a month or more than 270 SP in rewards?

There is something extremely good for all the steemians still active here nowadays and it is the fact that it will be very difficult to have a better chance to increase the STEEM POWER of our account in the future as we are doing right now…

Not only because the price of STEEM is very low but also because anyone of us who keep posting, commenting and upvoting have more opportunities now of getting stake of the Rewarding Pool.

We are around 5000 daily Active steemians currently, and according to from @dragosroua there are 886,124 STEEM to be distributed among us:

I am very conscious on the fact that part of the reason why I am constantly breaking my All Time Record on Rewards is due to the diminution of the active members… but I am also conscious that it has brought to me the chance to further interact and engage with many actors here, enhancing my engagement and Steem network so, perhaps, I think I am not doing it so bad at the end…

Anyway, I am keeping this graph as a guide, the Gartner Hype cycle:


I think we are exactly at the “Trough of Disillusionment” . We have passed for all the stages”This is exactly the moment on which we don’t have to be distracted by the backlash of negative chatter at this stage of the hype cycle. This is our chance to race ahead of competitors who are pulling back from their missed results against earlier, unrealistic expectations.” (read more here).

The following chart is even more clarifying:


We still are at an EARLY MARKET, I do not know if we touched already that CHASM which separates us from the MAINSTREAM MARKET (MASS ADOPTION) , but we are going towards there and when we reach that point it would be better for us to be prepared.