Harvesting Time

Finally I’m back from holidays trip.

I am spending the whole morning setting up and updating my Steem account everywhere, Steem-Engine, @actifit , @drugwars , @steempeak … I realized I have a serious amount of S-E Tokens accumulated at the Steem-Engine Wallet which is amazing but, man, we are at just 4 days from the HF21 date and here what we need is to ACCUMULATE as much SP as possible, just preventing what will happen after its deployment.

To do so, and following the exercise done previously by @ervin-lemark here , I am harvesting all the S-E tokens that I am not considering for the Long Run and staking others I think can do well in the near future, in particular, I am staking mostly the rewards of PALNET, LEO, SPORTS, PHOTO and, possibly LIFESTYLE …

This is how my Steem-Engine Wallet looks like now:

Regarding @actifit AFITX tokens, here I am a little bit in doubt…. I don’t like the way they set up this trade, I think @actifit is pushing so hard to the users by maintaining a crazy competition in order to be a top25 AFITX holder and getting so the right of having upvoted earlier…so I am going to “short” a little more my AFITX stake, selling at a better price than the price on which I purchased them.

All the rest of S-E tokens are going to be exchanged for STEEMP and then POWER UP just to increase my SP amount before HF21… then will see how much I am being able to achieve here.

After “Harvesting” and “Exchanging”:

58 STEEM have been “harvested” after 20 minutes of trade!

Now, the process is very simple, I am going to withdraw them and POWER UP all of them!!!!

Opportunities are everywhere, you just have to see them.

Believe me, the STEEM Blockchain is the place where you have to search them.

Get prepared for the #newsteem time!