Monthly growth: Crossing the 6000 SP

One month more at the STEEM blockchain.

Almost 26 since I started at this blockchain. During all this time I have never powered down.

I have accumulated all my SP rewards coming from Author or Curation and I also have bought a few times STEEM and power up mostly.

Despite I have withdrawn some of my liquid rewards as well, I have been focused on building my SP stake, so, part of those liquid rewards have gone to feed also my Steem Power.

Today I am at the moment to cross the 6000 SP on my main account, 2600 SP out of the 6000 SP have come exclusively from Author and Curation rewards.

…and from those 2600 SP, at least 2200 SP have been obtained during the last 12 months.

This month, my Author Rewards have decayed a little compared with the two last months:

Perhaps the current correction on the market has had some effect on the trend…I guess..

However, my Curation rewards have marked another All Time High:

So, something I am doing well, at least…

Compounding both charts:

So, it has not been a bad year at all in terms of building my account.

If I manage to maintain the uptrend here, 8000 SP can be an achievable target by the end of the year…if not earlier since the Market is offering an excellent opportunity nowadays.

Keep accumulating!