And there you go folks, SMTs pushed back // Again… again..again…again…again…again..again..

We are definitely trying to get back to SMTs as fast as possible. It’s not at all true that we are giving up on that project. The fact of the matter is that our work on MIRA is just more important now, and it’s not possible to know exactly how long that work will take. It could be a week, it could be a month, we just don’t know and aren’t willing to pretend we do. Once we’re done with MIRA, SMTs is high up on the to-do list.

Andrarchy comment earlier today.

My initial reaction…

But then i remembered that this was and that they made me a wallet app. Wallet app ill probably never use, that looks the same as their built in whatever but with another font!

I can see it now.

Ned calling up a meeting, PowerPoint presentation ready, wearing his khaki pants, starting a discussion over picking Ariel or Times New Roman for the wallet app.

I cant get this damn projector remote to work Andrarchy! WE WILL DO IT LIVE, WE’LL DO IT LIIIIIIVE!

Will we ever actually see these mythical creatures called SMTs?

I say just hope for a overall market boost and that we manage to maintain inside top 40. Currently being 38th, i cant remember the last time we were this high.

Ill see you around. Keep on!