Vote on Twitter if you want a guy to get a Steem Monsters tattoo // Not kidding

Theres this guy that is, what you would call, a crypto fanatic from just looking at his twitter feed.

Anyways. Aggroed shared on his blog that theres a guy that will get a tattoo of something from a blockchain card game depending on which game gets the most votes.

If you vote for Steem Monsters and share your vote on @aggroed post

you could win a gold foil card. (Hope its not a gold foil rusty android. lol)

And here is the twitter post link.

So go vote! This is STEEM hype week on Twitter and everyone should participate!

My next (blockchain game) #CryptoTattoo should be…— Kenn ₿osak™? (@KennethBosak) February 27, 2019