Building Minnows: found @aleksandra.mart + SBI Sponsoring [W6]

Still a light downtrend on the number of daily posts and active users at the STEEM blockchain. According to STEEMTOOL we ended the week with 5029 daily active steemians that posted around 7923 posts a day…

The situation is not dramatic at all but still worrying… However, I am fully confident that if the crypto market keeps growing, we will see a massive entry of newcomers and also people who has left trying to join again in the platform .

This week I have found @aleksandra.mart as a very good and motivated steemian to follow. She is a beautiful Russian Lady that has passed a week or so visiting Barcelona, my city, and she has published some good content about it.

I think she has a very interesting arts related blog so I think she has very good skills for becoming a great steemian.

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SBI Sponsoring

Besides @aleksandra.mart, this week I am going to provide my @steembasicincome shares to @javirid and @himalayanwomb.

@javirid is an old fellow steemian who is now working on a new DApp developed on top of the STEEM blockchain. According to some comments I have read from him, his intention is to launch the DApp by the end of the month but, honestly, I am not sure which kind of DApp… Hope we can read more about in the coming days but as I know @javirid , I am sure it is going to be something good.

It is not the first time I shared some @SBI with @himalayanwomb but man, he really deserves it. He is not the typical runner who you can find in any city or town. He is a High-altitude Runner who used to train at the Himalaya!!

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All in all, they represent really good candidates for the #tenKminnows @steevc initiative,

And that’s all for this week folks!

Steem on.


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