Don’t give up…

The picture above is self-explanatory of what I want to tell you.

Today I have read more posts complaining about the #newsteem as a consequence of the HF21 deployment.

Yes, it is a fact we have got a reduction on our post rewards but It does not seem to have been the case regarding curation rewards which, according to what I see in the estimations of Steemworld, will be more than double the curation rewards of exactly 7 days ago:

Here the 7 day estimation:

2 days ago my curation rewards were estimated around 8 SP per week but now I can start noticing that they have increased 1.55 SP.

If I run the estimative function at the same tool I get the following “prediction”:

That’s more than doubling my weekly curation!

I know it is still so early to get a realistic estimation about it. I have noticed as well that also the amazing Steemworld is struggling from time while calculating the data. The blockchain has to stabilize and it will take some time and maybe some more changes will come as for today, we know that devs and witnesses have deployed another version of the code, so called HF22 for fixing some potential security bugs.

Sadly what I clearly see in my FEED today is a substantial reduction of new posts created by the people I follow…

Maybe all these changes are/were necessary…or maybe not

Perhaps the economic changes will only benefit the bigger stakers…

Maybe simply it was not the best day to implement such a radical changes…with such a low behavior of STEEM at the market

Maybe, maybe…maybe…

I don’t know you but I am not going quit so easily…

I hope all of you will keep enjoying of this, “our Blockchain” even if you struggle now…Please, keep working, posting and engaging…I also have the firm conviction that we will succeed in the long run…if we get focused more on the marketing side…


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