Early EXIT

It has been 69 days since I started playing and investing on Drugwars.

During all this time drugwars team have been changing almost weekly the rules of the game, I want to think that they have tried, at least with the first updates, to solve what was clearly in my opinion a Ponzi Scheme since the beginning. But not.

The last change for me is the last straw. You are not rewarded anymore with STEEM but with FUTURE token. Of course you can exchange them for STEEM in their internal market but what you get is very little for the effort you have to put by playing intensively a game that instead of fun it’s pretty boring honestly…

Even worst, if you try to buy FUTURE token you will see that 5000 FUTURE tokens costs almost 60 STEEM:

While if you want to “exchange” them by STEEM you get 3.223 STEEM

Also, if you do some simple math you will see that the reward pool has artificially changed dramatically.

Today’s prize is 68680 FUTURE Tokens, taking into account that you “can” get 1 STEEM per 1552 FUTURE tokens it means that the prize is 44 STEEM to be divided among all the players. And if you see the percentages in the above pic (4+2+2), it seems that it only corresponds to the 8% of the Daily total… The 92% or 509 STEEM is going directly and Daily to Drugwars…

I spent so much time playing on this game and believing that it would improve with the time but seems that what is happening is exactly the contrary.

They announced as well future developments and mini games as well but I don’t think they will manage to escape from the PONZI scheme system neither on them.

I am lucky because I get back all my investment in the first weeks of the game and I also got a good profit from that investment but, frankly, I tested the new rules of the games in an intensive manner yesterday and, as a conclusion, I don’t think is worth to “invest” more time on the game for the very little and unbalanced rewards you get.

However, I think it has been a good testing lab and good Repository of Lessons Learnt for future Gaming Dapps on top of the STEEM Blockchain, specially because DRUGWARS was not a Decentralized App. at all :-)…

I hope FUTURESHOCK will learn about their mistakes and finally deliver a product with a better plan and sustainable business model for everybody, not this one of course…


About the author: toofasteddie
Father, Runner and Crypto Addicted

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