State of the DApps &

Checking STATE of THE DAPPS today…

I see that the supremacy of STEEM DApps is losing some terrain at the top 10.

4 out of the top 10 DApps are STEEM based but now ETHEREUM DApps are 5 out of 10…

But, wait… Am I the only one missing listed at the STATE OF THE DAPPS website ?

Weird… is a great project built on top of the STEEM blockchain, launched already more than three weeks ago, upgraded and updated and working perfectly. Users are also increasing day after day… so, @aggroed, why is it not listed there?

I could do it myself but I think it would not be fair at all since I am just a user so, I hope some of the developers (@aggroed , @yabapmatt or, why not other steemians involved at Palnet can do it as @crimsonclad for instance…

Just go to and submit the project.


What is going on here?

Busy day at the office today so I couldn’t dedicate what I used to on STEEM and other crypto matters… so I arrived home, I switched on the computer and I saw this at Steemworld:

Rapidly, I checked my FEED and I realized that nothing new was recorded since long…weird…

Then I went to Stateothedapps I filtered by STEEM Platform and I get this:

yes man, all the DApps based on STEEM are showing very low user activity today, a drastic drop I would say…

What’s going on here?

Did I miss anything important?

Is HF21 is on going?

Half of the Steem active population died?

is it because the market correction is affecting all of us?



Despite, as I wrote 2 days ago, @drugwars is doing really a very good work on attracting new players and possibly new STEEM users as well, after the last upgrade of the gamem on which transactions are not running anymore on the STEEM blockchain I am afraid that the game cannot be called anymore, if ever was, a DApp AKA “Decentralized Application”

According to Wikipedia: “A decentralized application (Dapp, dApp or DApp) is an application that is run by many users on a decentralized network with trustless protocols. They are designed to avoid any single point of failure. They typically have tokens to reward users for providing computing power.”

It is true that you still can interact minimally with the steem blockchain since you can share your battle in the internal forum which is connected somehow with STEEM and so eventually, get an upvote from @drugwars account from time to time but… this is really very far from what I understand would be the definition of a DApp itself since it is not running on a blockchain…or, at least, it is not running on the STEEM blockchain anymore, it is not clear to me if any layer of the game programm is really depending on a supposed FUTURE Token built on the OByte Blockchain but I guess… no?

However, State of DApps  is still ranking DRUGWARS as the first one which in my opinion is a mistake…

I don’t know what is the criteria for being listed inside this ranking but it should be there also the possibility of “Delisting” a supposed DApp that is not anymore as so…

If someone “serious” and informed would come to the “State of the DApps” and find in a first place of the ranking something that seems not a true Decentralized App, probably he or they would not trust anymore on the information provided…and that, would be again a very bad message for the possible audience…


DRUGWARS: One step back and, surprisingly, 100 Steps Forward!

The last upgrade of Drugwars doesn’t look to provide so much improvements in terms of “playability”, even worst, they removed the option of “Share your battle at STEEMIT” thus, if you were doing it regularly, and so trying to get the good upvotes of the @drugwars account, seems that it is not anymore possible… I don’t care because, I thought since the beginning that these kind of non-editable posts without content were just increasing the level of spam at the steem blockchain… so, somehow and personally I am happy for that…but if you were building your Steem account based on this sort of income, this last point seems one step back

Looking at the Discord, seems that perhaps they are deviating the share of the Drugwars post from Steem to the TokenBB forum, and looks like it may be rewarded because, if you share your battle at the forum, it creates a comment on a general post at Steem with the title “Forum Drugwars” , and this comment MAY be upvoted… I did it myself, I share one battle at the forum and I selfvoted it. The battle appears as a comment at the steem blockchain, including the upvote 🙂

Besides this new thing which can be seen “counterproductive”, you know I have been very critic with Drugwars development strategy lately, this time I have to recognize they are demonstrating they have the things clearer than I was expecting in terms of Business Plan…

This last upgrade comes with one amazing option I will show you next:

Yes man, you can now create an account of @drugwars by log in with FACEBOOK or with your GOOGLE account, and this is the 100 Steps Forward I was referring at the Title…

These guys are really working hard towards crypto adoption, and more in particular towards STEEM adoption. This is a smart move from the team in order to attract gamers to STEEM, despite the game could be better of course.

This time I have to congratulate the team!!!

Well done FutureShock , I promise I will never criticize you again if you keep doing as you did this time 😉


Keep moving…

Despite the positive movements of the market, STEEM does not look to behave as we all want it to.

Some people keep complaining about and seems that the number of users and activity keep decreasing…

But, is it the fault of the Steem Blockchain? is it the fault even of Steemit?

No, not at all, actually I am fully convinced that there is a direct relation between price and number of users.

Have you seen recently the “State of the Dapps” website?

This is how it looks today:

We should be happy that most of the first Dapps at the rank are built on top of the STEEM blockchain.

Drugwars, steemit, busy, nextcolony, steemmonsters, partiko, steemhunt …etc.. all of them located within the 30 first out of more than 2000 Dapps ranked.

But what I would like to show you is that all those Dapps are spiking down. Have a look to the right of the picture:

All Dapps are experimenting a huge decrease on User Activity and, the most important, when I say all I mean all of them, not only STEEM Dapps, also Ethereum, EOS, TRON, POA or whatever the name of the blockchain on which they are working on.

It is the whole crypto sphere which is struggling nowadays, not only STEEM.

The market sentiment on regards Altcoins is still low while on BITCOIN we may affirm that is improving…

EOS is not doing better than STEEM, neither ETHEREUM Dapps…

We are far from confirming the reversal of the market and still further away from the Crypto mass adoption…consider this period of time as the best moment in terms of accumulation and keep moving, once the Uptrend of the WHOLE market will be confirmed there will not be more regrets…everything will be PERFECT, also for those that keep complaining…

Steem on,


Early EXIT

It has been 69 days since I started playing and investing on Drugwars.

During all this time drugwars team have been changing almost weekly the rules of the game, I want to think that they have tried, at least with the first updates, to solve what was clearly in my opinion a Ponzi Scheme since the beginning. But not.

The last change for me is the last straw. You are not rewarded anymore with STEEM but with FUTURE token. Of course you can exchange them for STEEM in their internal market but what you get is very little for the effort you have to put by playing intensively a game that instead of fun it’s pretty boring honestly…

Even worst, if you try to buy FUTURE token you will see that 5000 FUTURE tokens costs almost 60 STEEM:

While if you want to “exchange” them by STEEM you get 3.223 STEEM

Also, if you do some simple math you will see that the reward pool has artificially changed dramatically.

Today’s prize is 68680 FUTURE Tokens, taking into account that you “can” get 1 STEEM per 1552 FUTURE tokens it means that the prize is 44 STEEM to be divided among all the players. And if you see the percentages in the above pic (4+2+2), it seems that it only corresponds to the 8% of the Daily total… The 92% or 509 STEEM is going directly and Daily to Drugwars…

I spent so much time playing on this game and believing that it would improve with the time but seems that what is happening is exactly the contrary.

They announced as well future developments and mini games as well but I don’t think they will manage to escape from the PONZI scheme system neither on them.

I am lucky because I get back all my investment in the first weeks of the game and I also got a good profit from that investment but, frankly, I tested the new rules of the games in an intensive manner yesterday and, as a conclusion, I don’t think is worth to “invest” more time on the game for the very little and unbalanced rewards you get.

However, I think it has been a good testing lab and good Repository of Lessons Learnt for future Gaming Dapps on top of the STEEM Blockchain, specially because DRUGWARS was not a Decentralized App. at all :-)…

I hope FUTURESHOCK will learn about their mistakes and finally deliver a product with a better plan and sustainable business model for everybody, not this one of course…


Dtube review // Steem blockchain

So… @oracle-d decided to create another task for us Homo Steemiens to write about. You can read more about it here so i dont go on needlessly. LINK:

Theres going to be enough needless text below.

I was deliberating with myself for a while as to which Dapp i should choose for review. Yesterday i reviewed Trybe (EOS) and i found the current state of it, in reviewer terms (or 6th grader terms), to be “blagh”.
Few days before that i reviewed the new Whaleshares look.
This time i was going to be smart about my pick. Maximize what i could earn from the review by picking a dapp with a ton of Nedelegation that will reward me for being a jolly good sweet talker..
That is why i picked:


oh wait. whoops

No, no.
Its Dtube, im picking Dtube.

The youtube of STEEM with a capital “D”.
“D”, because you know they’re packing, good ideas.

Anyways… The review, um.

There are a few reasons why i picked Dtube. For one, its one of the most resource intensive projects on the STEEM blockchain that has an extremely ambitious goal of becoming competitive in the global market of video sharing platforms.
This is something that i actually think Dtube could achieve.
We have seen time and time again that any video sharing platform that would even try to challenge Youtube would fail tremendously. They would fail for the simple reason of not being to take off because of the magic circle of: Creator-consumer-advertiser.
All 3 need to exist on the platform, for a platform to take off, be sustainable, but unfortunately no other platform could achieve the trifecta no matter how much they would reduce their cut of their revenue.

Dtube is different, not to go into a lot of detail, because it uses the power of the STEEM blockchain. There is no complete dependence on advertiser money and the wealth distribution is such, that while in “legacy markets” the earning potential existed only for the platform+Creator, with STEEM consumer is added to the mix. Monetizing their attention and engagement.
But you already know this so lets get into something else. The user experience.

Oh boy.

Content placement.

Ok. If im being completely honest, i have never in my one year using STEEM clicked on Dtubes “Hot/Trending” page. Not one time. And im someone that (from another account) uploaded dozens of videos to Dtube and was using dtube almost daily for 6 months.
Still, never once did i look at the trending page.
Ill try to explain why that is as simply as i can.

When the content placement depends on vote cast by “1 person + DTube”, then what users of your site are seeing isnt “the wisdom of the crowd” on the trending page but rather the_autovoter_ preferences of a whale and the continuity rewarding tendency of the DTUBE curation team.
In a way, there is more centralization in what im being told to watch on Dtube then there is on Youtube.

And this is not something that is hard to change. Dtube has control over how it wants to show its content.


There is really not much to say here. The design is basic.
As i said in the intro, i made a Trybe review yesterday and i pointed out a few things that bothered me. The site itself had some terrible design ideas, was extremely convoluted and it ran poorly.
Dtube does not run poorly and is not convoluted, on the contrary, but it does look extremely basic and does a poor job explaining what anything is about..
Take this for example.
Dtalk-Push my Dtalk key on Steem.

A person clicking on the Dtalk tab will see this and think:

What is Steem? What is Dtalk? What conversation?

Its very unintuitive and even though you could say that Dtube is early in development, the fact remains that you can always add a few sentences of explanation. That excuse does not hold.
That is something i dont only see with Dtube but rather where ever i look in the crypto space.

Not considering what a new user sees/understands when they are introduced to new information.

I could point out a few other things but its just the same criticism that stems from us forgetting what a new user experiences once they arrive to STEEM.

Mowing lawn!

Folks would probably assume i would talk about the videos that are “gone with the wind” in a few weeks, but theres really nothing to say. @johalfiles (a whale that upvotes Dtube content) a few weeks ago pointed out in the Dtube discord that exact thing and the reply was basically: “It is as it is.”

The problem is that folks dont understand that video hosting is about the most expensive thing there is online.
While there are ways for you to keep your videos online indefinitely by running your own IPFS node (my knowledge is limited there) most creators wont know how to do such a thing so providing that service on platform would be a great way for Dtube to gather some funds if they explained whats going on with your videos (when uploading) and provided an easy way for you to keep your videos indefinitely (for a fee) without having to educate yourself on IPFS hosting and every other single thing that has to do with Dtube.
The name of the game is not Football, ole ole, we are the champs. The name of the game is: “How to explain complex topics in the simplest of ways”.

There is really not much else to say here. Uploading works pretty well and is about as fast as uploading to Youtube. The video quality is inferior to youtube but you dont really notice it most of the times. When was the last time you used 4k on youtube?
Im assuming theres a dtube node somewhere close to Croatia since i have no problems viewing any videos.

At this point the success of Dtube is pretty much dependent on the success of STEEM. The time of the Dapps has not arrived yet and the majority of investment is still going into “infrastructure”.

Example: Projects like LISK are 38th in market cap (10 above STEEM) and i dont think there is a single person using any of their dapps. _I looked into it._
Once the market matures im certain that many projects that arent driven by hype but rather user numbers will start getting a lot of attention from investors, Dtube among them. The focus will eventually shift towards “what has real world application and what do users want” instead of

“i got this cool idea!”

Substratum had a cool idea.

And thats about it for this review. Thought i should mix it up a bit.

I think we need to be realistic at all times. We hype up everything and partake in tribal behavior without ever taking an objective look at the limitations and the potential of a project. Realizing the limitations and potential is extremely important in cases like this. @ned dropped a million STEEM delegation on Dtube.

Was that foolish?

No. Because i dont think Ned saw Dtube “changing the world”. He saw that small advantage i talked about in the beginning existing that could make Dtube a “contender”.

Dtube cant re-invent the wheel but it sure can rock the boat.


I give Dtube a rating of π/fleml.
Read what i actually think. lol.
And there you have it folks. Let me know what you think. Was i too harsh, was i not harsh enough. Ill take it on the chin.

Flies away.

Keep on Steeming!