I feel as I have been one of the most critical steemians regarding the possible negative consequences concerning the deployment of the HF21 but now I have to say that I like what I see, despite the evident reduction on the number of posts we can see in our FEED page.

The truth is that, putting aside the controversy of what I think is a very drastic Rewarding Algorithm which penalizes posts that do not reach a certain threshold of upvotes (see chart below), the downvote solution is really fixing the blockchain from abusers and also the number of spamming posts has dramatically reduced as well.

Threshold is currently at $3, below you are getting less in author and curation rewards

It’s a fact that big stakeholders are doing now greatly but also is a fact that if you are a consistent steemian I am sure you have benefitted as well for the whole update.

Take my example, now that we are more or less close to the equator of the month.

Before HF21, I used to get 8 SP a week in Curation while in Author Rewards the value was around 60 SP a week…

Today, without changing my overall posting and upvoting behaviour, things are going much better in overall for me.

  • My curation rewards have increased to around 15 SP a week, which is almost double the old rewards.

  • My Author Rewards are dancing around 62 SP a week as well so, no reduction on this aspect or even getting a little more than before…

To tell you the truth, I don’t know how I managed to sustain those Author Rewards… I have powered up around 700 STEEM lately but this cannot explain this good value. Certainly, the huge reduction of the number of posts published has something to do with this. There are less content to be discovered and so there are a higher likelihood to be nicely upvoted by bigger stakeholders. Also, the downvoting effect is returning STEEM to the rewarding pool so, if you are an active steemian you have more chances to be rewarded too.

Redistribution of power have not finished yet

The market is hitting STEEM and the rest of the altcoins very hardly, that’s for sure. We have less activity at the blockchain not only due to the effects of the past HF but also because the permanent decay of the STEEM price.

But, you know, I am totally sure now that the problem is not STEEM. The problem is the situation of the whole market itself which is cyclic.

It’s really painful to see day after day how we loss price…but also it is a fact that as soon as we get out from the bears, not only BITCOIN but the whole cryptosphere will resume the uptrend…

…and then, it will be very difficult for everyone to “build” the STEEM POWER you need in order to take profit of the uptrend conditions of the market. I am sure many will then try to buy STEEM again at any price and so, we will have another SUPER FUD PUMP there.

The best we can do now is…

  • To keep posting, publishing your thoughts, amazing ideas, photos and creations
  • Try to do your best to engage with the audience. Work on your network. Buy some BEER token and provide them to your best commenters and followers for instance.
  • Build your STEEM POWER as much as “morally” possible… I am buying small quantities every now and then at the lowest prices we have seen during the last 2 years. Remember 50 Euros = 350 STEEM at BITVAVO , PEANUTS!!!! I have bought the same quantity at more than double that price 1 year ago!!!
  • Invest on TRIBES that you like in a wisely manner. For instance, If you are a sport lover, use #sportstalk as a tag, check the trend page and your wallet account at https://www.sportstalksocial.com/ , use the voter (@sportsvoter) there in order to “burn” SPORTS token there and obtain some STEEM in your sport related posts… The same for other tribes, LEO, PALNET, NEOXIAN…all of them are here to help us.
  • Share your best posts at other social media as Tweeter, FB and the like
  • Vote PROPOSALS that develop the STEEM ecosystem (https://steempeak.com/me/proposals )

These are only a few things you can do, I am sure there are many things and ways to keep growing at the STEEM blockchain but the most important is always related with your level of ENGAGEMENT.

Keep on growing!


About the author: toofasteddie
Father, Runner and Crypto Addicted

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