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Despite the positive movements of the market, STEEM does not look to behave as we all want it to.

Some people keep complaining about and seems that the number of users and activity keep decreasing…

But, is it the fault of the Steem Blockchain? is it the fault even of Steemit?

No, not at all, actually I am fully convinced that there is a direct relation between price and number of users.

Have you seen recently the “State of the Dapps” website?

This is how it looks today:

We should be happy that most of the first Dapps at the rank are built on top of the STEEM blockchain.

Drugwars, steemit, busy, nextcolony, steemmonsters, partiko, steemhunt …etc.. all of them located within the 30 first out of more than 2000 Dapps ranked.

But what I would like to show you is that all those Dapps are spiking down. Have a look to the right of the picture:

All Dapps are experimenting a huge decrease on User Activity and, the most important, when I say all I mean all of them, not only STEEM Dapps, also Ethereum, EOS, TRON, POA or whatever the name of the blockchain on which they are working on.

It is the whole crypto sphere which is struggling nowadays, not only STEEM.

The market sentiment on regards Altcoins is still low while on BITCOIN we may affirm that is improving…

EOS is not doing better than STEEM, neither ETHEREUM Dapps…

We are far from confirming the reversal of the market and still further away from the Crypto mass adoption…consider this period of time as the best moment in terms of accumulation and keep moving, once the Uptrend of the WHOLE market will be confirmed there will not be more regrets…everything will be PERFECT, also for those that keep complaining…

Steem on,


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