The Domino Effect



Downvotes Pool


Minnows and Dolphins struggling with rewards…

Bid Bots catastrophe…

Trending page looking better…

Scammers and Blockchain rewards-squeezers exiting…

Blockchain Alt…

Is there anything more?

Yes it is!!!

If you are a STEEM “Passive” investor and you are setting your STEEM account in order to follow any “CURATION TRAIL” configured at STEEMAUTO, there is a high likelihood that also your rewards will be affected by the new rules that @mahdiyari has disclosed at the STEEMAUTO discord channel just a few minutes ago.

This has been posted very recently and I have no idea what would be the final impact on many of us but be ready for another big change either if you follow a curation trail or you are a beneficiary of the votes of that curation trail.

Stakeholders are realigning the way we use the STEEM Blockchain, everybody is reacting and trying to adapt to the changes we have but…they are coming fast, very fast…

Welcome to the #newsteem blockchain!


(Picture from Nara Cute )

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