Things need to get easier for me… Happiness (Poem)

It’s been a while that I have prepared a new writeup. The posts I upload most of this days are the ones I wrote a whole ago. I do come up with at least 3 articles per day normally but I haven’t been able to come up with any for the past few weeks now.

Things has not been too rosy for me lately. I really need things to get easier for me. I hate stress even though I know we can’t do without it. I need everything to fall in place real soon so that I can put all my concentration back into these online things.

God, please kindly intervene in my matter and help me out. Make everything fall in place for me and for other people that needs your help as well. Thanks to you for all you’ve done.

Happiness, the sole proprietor of good things
Happiness, the healer of a sad mind
Happiness, the true companion of an angry person
Happiness, may we all experience it in all of our endeavors

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