Medvedev continues his fine form to Set Up Shanghai Master Final with Zverev

![Screenshot_20191012-172631.png]( Image Source Russia’s Daniil Medvedev recently had a show down with Stefanos Tsitsipas in the semi final match of the Shanghai Masters today, which is Saturday. It was all victory for him as he went on to defeat his opponent with the score reading 7-6(5) 7-5. This particular win has remarkably brought him to the ninth final of the season. Congratulations to him for that. He has put down a good record for himself for sure.

As a quick reminder for you guys. Daniil Medvedev is the runner-up for the last tournament of U.S. Open. And going into the Shanghai Masters final, he will be looking forward to adding to his three ATP Tour title on Sunday’s final against Alexander Zverev. No doubt, the 2019 season has been a massive breakthrough for him.

Third seed Daniil Medvedev lost only 16% of his first-serve points and he was able to record an improvement in his win-loss record for the calender year by doing the exploit of saving four of five break points.

This is his sixth straight final after finishing his opponent with a clinical serve and volley combination. Such a great record for him. I am very well impressed with his commitment and determination and I wish him success in the final match.

What an Excellent Performance from Chelsea!

It’s the start of a new week and I am very grateful to God Almighty for all he’s done.

Image Source

Yesterday was Chelsea’s game against Wolverhampton. Who would have ever thought Chelsea could win that game with a margin of three goals. It was unbelievable especially with the injury crisis within the Chelsea football club team.

It was a victory well deserved for the blues. They played really well. Their attacker was well proficient in front of goal and that gave them the edge to score as many as five goals in a single match against a side that haven’t lost a match at home for over eight months now. I think it is a good thing that the Chelsea manager decided to switch his formation from 4-2-3-1 to 3-4-3. However, I think Frank Lampard still need to work a lot on the defense side to avoid conceding too much goals.

I think the compactness of a playing as a team is better than other previous matches but believe they can do better with that. I think if the team can learn to be compact while playing, then that would really go a long way to help solve the issue of conceding too much goals. In general, the game a was an interesting one and the Chelsea team performed excellently and it was a victory well deserved for them.

Earn upto $13 within a week or two on Uptrennd

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Uptrennd is a platform like Steem where you earn in various ways such as content creation.

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Get paid for your engagement via pictures and videos on Tata

In these vast age of internet, we would notice the daily massive increase in the number of people that makes use of social media platforms such as Instagram. However, despite the time and money people spend to use platforms like Instagram, they hardly get any reward in turn despite the high income they generate for developers of these platforms.


You don’t have to worry anymore about these issues. This is because a better alternative where you get to earn for doing the same things you do for free on Instagram and other social media platforms. That better alternative is called “Tata”.

What is Tata?

Tata is a blockchain-based platform that works more like steem where users get paid for creating and posting quality contents on the Tata platform. The users of Tata get to earn ACN crypto token for using the Tata application.

There is also a chat feature where by users get to engage with each other on the Tata platform. There are already thousands of users using the Tata platform and as such, it has been a perfect place for people to make new friends and connect with others across the entire world.

For you to get started on Tata, you are required to install the Tata App from play store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users). Then create an account and choose your area of interest.

Earning on Tata Platform

  • For you to earn on the Tata platform, you are required to download TTC connect from play store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users).
  • Open the Tata App, click on the last tab at the bottom right and click on earn reward.
  • Fill your KYC details and upload necessary documents. Note that it takes up to 48hours for it to be approved.

Comparing Tata with Steem

Tata works more like Steem where you get paid for content creation. But in the case of Tata, picture and video contents are mainly the point of focus. The chat feature within Tata makes it a better social media platform compared to Steem. Tata is a great platform and I see a lot of potentials in it.

Things need to get easier for me… Happiness (Poem)

It’s been a while that I have prepared a new writeup. The posts I upload most of this days are the ones I wrote a whole ago. I do come up with at least 3 articles per day normally but I haven’t been able to come up with any for the past few weeks now.

Things has not been too rosy for me lately. I really need things to get easier for me. I hate stress even though I know we can’t do without it. I need everything to fall in place real soon so that I can put all my concentration back into these online things.

God, please kindly intervene in my matter and help me out. Make everything fall in place for me and for other people that needs your help as well. Thanks to you for all you’ve done.

Happiness, the sole proprietor of good things
Happiness, the healer of a sad mind
Happiness, the true companion of an angry person
Happiness, may we all experience it in all of our endeavors

@actifit is again leading the STEEM Ecosystem

@actifit is doing it again! They have launched another new functionality, from now on you can exchange your AFIT tokens for STEEM at the STEEM-ENGINE market.

In order to allow all users and investors the use of this new functionality, you need to have AFITX tokens in your wallet which are going to be airdropped in the coming hours, with a maximum of 10 AFITX per account (equivalent to 100 STEEM at the current price).

In short, For every 1 AFITX owned, you can move daily up to 100 AFIT.

That means, AFIT current price is 0.05 STEEM/AFIT , so, at the current price it is 5 STEEM a day just with 1 AFITX!

But, wait, AFITX seems to be even more important than the rewarding AFIT token… The more AFITX token you have in your wallet the higher your user rank and so the higher you will be rewarded in AFIT, STEEM, ZZAN, SPORTS, PAL.

Also have a look on the Token description:

AFITX is a new special benefits token for Actifit users & AFIT token holders. Holding this token enables users to: – Daily Move AFIT tokens to S-E – Increases user rank – Increases post rewards via our different rewarded tokens – Receive priority when exchanging AFIT for STEEM upvotes – Participate in contests – AFITX will constitute the basis for our future Exchange framework

So here I am now buying some AFITX while exchanging already some of my AFIT for STEEM…

Actually, it is working somehow as an AFIT POWER-DOWN in automatic, so, seems that you have to select the amount you want to send daily to the Steem-engine exchange so, be sure to choose a sustainable amount because it can affect your User Rank.

For me this is a Clear WIN-WIN again!!!!

Congratulations and thanks to @mcfarhat and @actifit team for the excellent work.


P.S: You can learn more about it by reading Actifit last post.