Pounding the Table on $TWTR before earnings…

The twitter setup is there. The shorts a skeptics are on defense and the buyers have the ball. We have seen plenty of fumbles, and turnovers over the past few years but I beleive that $TWTR turned the corner last earnings and this earnings will have to PROVE IT. If this earnings passes the test the buyers and the stock will be off to the races. The pattern is there, the technicals are there, the past earnings report was promising, the expectations are low. Can Jack and company pull through?

This is what we in the technical business call an old fashioned cup and handle pattern. The stock tells a story. Every one usually does. You have the IPO run to 70+, then you have the sell off down to the teens and base. Now we are holding higher….and ready to explode. If $TWTR can pull off a run up into earnings and a gap and go, you ear looking at TWTR going back to all time highs in 2019.

Long $TWTR


The US Markets just closed out the week at ALL TIME Weekly Closing Highs (the Dow Jones and S&P). The Bears are out talking about unemployment ticking up and the yield curve inverting and Powell cutting rates. Well Mr. Jerome Powell has quite the decision to make in the coming weeks because that insurance rate cut is going to have to come on the back end of a YUGE JOBS Number. The jobs this morning came in RED HOT and the 50 point cut just went out the window. The 25 point cut is now on the ropes and will be a huge decision.

The perma bears just don’t understand this market and that is part of their problem. They can’t go both ways. You have to learn to go both ways! Long and strong baby! Do you go all in here? NO! You should have loaded up at the beginning up June!

I am looking for pullbacks to be bought until otherwise. The chase is on. You cannot be bearish unless you are under 2918 for starters.

Bitcoin $10000

I do not think that this post needs much of an introduction. You saw the lat bubble, I have seen the last 6 six. The talking heads said bitcoin was dead (for the 300th time) and it has now risen like Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. They said it was going to $0, and we have crossed $10000, again.

$100,000 here we come. Don’t listen to the TV…the want viewers not gains.

Garbage IPO of the Day: $ARLO

Arlo Technologies split off of its parent company Netgear and IPO’ed last August. As you can imagine, there was no risk involved and everyone made money…

Just Kidding. If you bought the first week you are now DOWN 82% on your investment. Believe me, I love these cameras. I have 5 of them around my house exterior and use them daily, however this just goes to show you that there are more powerful forces at play and everything has RISK! So don’t listen to the pundits on TV next time when you want to buy a crypto asset and let them