Passive Investing – The Gift that Keeps Giving…Until it all Vanishes at Once

I truly believe that one day this is going to happen. Passive investing now accounts for more than HALF of the US stock market and is growing. The movement has officially been made and investors do not use brokers anymore as they run to passive ETFs and index funds. This has been created just over THE PAST 10 YEARS.

At the beginning of the bull run active investments held nearly a 3 to 1 advantage over passive fund assets. That has shrank to…almost ZERO ADVANTAGE present day.

Courtesy of CNBC and Morningster

This type of investing has been killing it over the past decade and continues to gain traction. I believe that at some point this will be a HUGE PROBLEM. Once the next major downturn in the stock market starts, and these PASSIVE inflows slow, then stop, and become outflows, you are going to have a market that may undergo a faster elevator down that has ever been seen.

Over the past 10 years, the passive inflows has helped push the market higher and higher, over and over again. Well when the tide turns…the passive inflows will not push the market down over and over again, they will all run for the exit at once.

Pounding the Table on $TWTR before earnings…

The twitter setup is there. The shorts a skeptics are on defense and the buyers have the ball. We have seen plenty of fumbles, and turnovers over the past few years but I beleive that $TWTR turned the corner last earnings and this earnings will have to PROVE IT. If this earnings passes the test the buyers and the stock will be off to the races. The pattern is there, the technicals are there, the past earnings report was promising, the expectations are low. Can Jack and company pull through?

This is what we in the technical business call an old fashioned cup and handle pattern. The stock tells a story. Every one usually does. You have the IPO run to 70+, then you have the sell off down to the teens and base. Now we are holding higher….and ready to explode. If $TWTR can pull off a run up into earnings and a gap and go, you ear looking at TWTR going back to all time highs in 2019.

Long $TWTR

You know what is UP when the Market is Down? $TWTR

The ole MO strikes again with the Twitter bird. The market gets smoked, and $TWTR rips higher. You can’t make it up folks, it happens regularly.

I have been long $TWTR a while since last earnings and still sitting green. It looks like I am going to have to be in it this earnings as well and looking for a run up. $TWTR is a no brainer IMO and I have been saying this from the early 20s and been on the platform 9 years. I am looking for this to make a VERY BULLISH move here.

Buy $TWTR.

$STEEM May finally have something here…

After being a complete lump on a log and trading in a range tighter than usual for an extended period of time, we may have something here. Steem is looking at breaking up on a 4 hour timeframe and targeting back to the top of the range. With all the innovation improving daily and price staying the same, I am finding harder to believe that price will just stay stagnant. I believe and Up move is in the works here.

Surviving Your First Year As A New Business Owner

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As someone who is starting up a new business, you ear must have been full of words from the horror stories of business failure after business failure. Listen to people who consistently denies, criticizes, or doubts and they will make you have the belief that not less than 89% of all new businesses are destined to record failure. However, the actual fact is a light on your path to achieving success in your new business: The U.S. Bureau of Labor made their findings and recorded that 75% of new businesses do not fail in the first year, 69% make it through the first two years, and 50% keep the survival going for good five years. Going by this record, it means you have a 50-50 chance of surviving to five years without recording failure in your new business. I know this doesn’t sound that great, but you can’t just sit down, fold your hands and let chance be a dictator of your own fate in that business. Which is the more reason I appreciate that this awesome article came up just at the right time for people looking to start up a new business. I will be giving some interesting points on what to do to survive the heat in this initial years of running a business, and they are as follows:

Create a Business Plan

I do say this that if you want to be successful as a businessman, then you really need what is called a business plan. Although it’s tempting to not want to care about having a business plan when you ain’t in search for an investor or loan. Even with that, I still want you to know that creating a business plan is a perfect way for you to make your vision more acute and effective. This tends to give you a proper and accurate insight into the problems your trying to solve, whose lives you are trying to improve and the best time for your product launch, sales and profitability. Just make sure your business plan is concise and detailed enough (in relation of target market, business model and others) to serve as a roadmap on your way to achieving success in that business.

Make sure to Reinvest in your business

I know how hard it is for someone who left a salaried job to practice entrepreneurship, to give up stability of the money received on payday as payment for work performed. But to come out realistic, you should try as much as possible to make sure the first money you make from that business is reinvested back into the company, your product and marketing, as this will help boost finances and increase revenue. In conclusion, you need to develop the attitude of pursuing a long term goal, because if you don’t then you might give up on the business in times of crises even before the business fail.

Thanks for reading this amazing article.

Garbage IPO of the Day: $GRPN

Here we are with another garbage IPO that the big boys have sold to the mom and paps (now bagholders). Today it is Groupon! $GRPN

Groupon is a stock that went public in 2012. It IPO’d Prime time in the bull run and you can see where the overall market is now compared to then, way up. Well GRPN is way down. After touching 31 the first week, investors have lost over 95% of their holdings and now holding the bag.

I honestly still use GRPN some, however I’m still not completely sure how they are in business. This is another

Another Tidbit of Wisdom… $AAPL

Markets are hard. No one has ever denied that. The second you think you are performing well and do not stick to a strict set of rules is likely around the same time (or seconds) that the market smacks you right in the face.

In order to succeed in the market across ALL time frames you have to get the trend right. Well your in luck. We are at a very pivotal point in the US Equity Market that the trend will be decided soon enough (more than likely). $AAPL is going to be our prime example here in analyzing

Multiple Streams of Income is Key to Financial Freedom

Did you know that the majority of multi-millionaires have seven or more streams of income.  Yes, that is correct – Seven!
Still have some work to do…
Having that many streams of income sounds great, but what it really had me thinking about is the majority of society only has one. One income – generally a job, which you can lose to a layoff, firing, etc. Putting someone at zero just like that.
Additional Streams of Income
It’s important to have more than one stream of income for several reasons:

It’s prudent (if you lose a single source of income now you have to worry

Psychological Stages of Investing in Real Estate

Like anything else in life the biggest obstacle to our progress is often ourselves. Most people progress through these psychological stages of real estate investing, but some get stuck.
This is something I have talked about in the past and thought worth revisiting.
Psychological Stages of Investing in Real Estate
1. Nervous Beginner
This is when you are yet to do your first deal or maybe you have even done a deal with a mentor and are on to doing one by yourself.
You have decided that investing in rental properties is the right investment for you. You are excited about it, you have done

Busy Weekend on my Airbnb Business

We are starting the Easter weekend called “Semana Santa” in Mexico and both of my Airbnb units are full of people. It’s wonderful to meet new people, yes, it can be very stressing and the work accumulates. Only this past week we have hosted seven groups and it can turn very demanding if you host one group after another.

At the moment Gris and I are in charge of the cleaning, my mom also helps if she has time and my dad is in charge of cleaning the pool. We are doing very good and winning extra money definitely is worth the extra effort. In the near future we would like to hire a person that can help us with the cleaning, that would be great we would only be in charge of the administration.

Today we welcomed to groups that will stay until Sunday. Next week we have three groups confirmed and that will make April a wonderful month. We are winning more money that the one we would win if we were renting the house on the traditional way, almost the double.

Let me share some photos of the Bungalow we are renting:

We are enjoying this Airbnb adventure, it’s not something that I would like to do all my life and Steem is my main project but at the moment this activity is paying us more and it’s a great way to save money to invest it on Steem Power.