The Litecoin Price Action Has Got Me Interested

Litecoin has been interesting in recent moves.  It went from leading the market before the bitcoin breakout to kind of being a bit quiet in the past weeks (relative to the BTC and ETH moves) and now just when it looked like things were just muddling along we get a noticeable move today.
Thoughts of a Bullish Break flooding back in
If you look at the chart price consolidated after pulling back from the run at the 108 area.  The initial bounce following that pullback was short lived and things looked like they may turn lower or just muddle along sideways but

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Litecoin: We have Liftoff!

And there it is my friends, LTC just blasted through the 100 mark.  To think just three short months ago the coin was floating below 50.  Not a bad return for those that added, sadly I barely added any but the little that I do add I have sold off as we have moved higher.
Tone of the market has changed
After months or so would argue more than a year of feeling despair as the crypto winter blew hard the spring may very well be here.
The price action on LTC since mid-february has been positive and showed strength well before BTC

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Litecoin: Reversal Candle Signal

Yesterday I wrote about how I was buying some LTC on what was basically a coin flip.  Meaning, there was no clear signal, but I decided to enter based on some other factors.
Funny How Prices Work
Less than 24 hours later that same daily candle I entered has rallied after pushing lower to form a reversal candle and gives as an actual technical entry.
Granted this daily candle has some time to close still, but it is currently showing us a reversal.  After two down days we saw price trade through the prior candle’s low and rally to a price that is

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Take a Coin Flip on LTC at the $75 Level

Couple days back I spoke about the price of Litecoin and how it’s knocking back and forth at this 75 level, a former support then resistance now maybe support again.
Any one have a quarter I can flip?
As you can see in the chart price is right at that level as I type this and I’m going to take a gamble.  The reason I say gamble is there really isn’t a clear entry signal.
Basically we just got a little stair step up above the level again and now price is either preparing to stair step up again or go back below

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Litecoin Playing Ping Pong with the $75 Level

This $75 level for litecoin has been rather interesting.  Last summer it acted as a key support level before breaking down.  Recently price finally broke back above it only to fall below shortly after….
Here we go again
Looking at the chart in this post…
After dumping down to $66 price rallied to test that $75 area again and ran out of gas for a couple days only to push through it today, that test followed by a small red day or two and blast off higher is a classic bullish price move.
However, I’m not sure that I want to wave a victory

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Litecoin Testing Support – Is it time to buy?

Litecoin had been outperforming most cryptos for a couple months.  After it’s nice little run we got some backing and filling as expected and now find price at a key support level.
Foundation of the next move or something worse?
With Bitcoin pushing higher today it’s easy to get optimistic about litecoin moving too.  However, lets look at the chart within this post to see exactly what is going on so we can make informed decisions.
Support offering a good risk-reward
As you can see price is sitting right at the 75 area support level.  This was a key support level that held a

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Cryptos Look to be Bouncing Off Support

Though it’s still a bit early, many coins look like they are bouncing off the support levels they pulled back to the past week.
Let’s take a quick look at a couple of them…
Litecoin Looking Orderly

Looking at the chart of litecoin in the daily timeframe you see it pulled back to the first level support target, which was the prior resistance.
This is a confirmation of the break and bodes well.  However, I will feel alot better about it if price can push to the previous top at $100.
In the end – if it just consolidates sideways that would still be fine

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Litecoin Price Analysis – Let the Retest Commence!

Here it is folks, it was somewhat expected and is now in the midst of occurring.  I’m ore than okay with this as I like orderly price progression.
Litecoin Testing Prior Resistance as Support
Looking at the chart we saw litecoin smash through the $74-75 level and push almost to $100.  However, odds were we’d see a pullback and maybe even a retest of this level, especially considering how long it had been since we were at these levels.
So that is what’s now taking place.  Big red candle that closed today and so far the new daily candle is red too.
Price got

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Litecoin Strength Is showing the Way

Relative strength is so important in analyzing bullish and rising markets. Crypto is no different. I am looking st the assets that led us off the bottom which is mainly Litecoin and EOS. Litecoin is the strongest member of the major crypto assets and looking st the chart I have to admit the grind looks ripe.

You can see the igniting bar and constant higher lows and grinding towards highs. I believe you are going to see this back to highs coming out of this small base here.

The trend is your friend, and this is just beginning.

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Litecoin is Smashing Towards $100

The magnet is there now folks. The $100 magnet will commence and likely at least make someone pay this on this leg up. I have seen crazier things happen, so I would not be completely surprised if it blew right through it again. (I do not think it does on the first test).

The relative strength from LTC has been present for months and have been highlighted in multiple of my posts over the last 8 weeks. and it has proven once more, relative strength WINS AGAIN. LTC has ripped in 48 hours from 60 to 90+ up over 50%.

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