Am i going crazy?// TRON is starting to look interesting.

Slikovni rezultat za going crazy

Ever since i got on twitter to spread the STEEM gospel in a very aggressive, Spanish inquisition kind of way, where ever i go, the face of a tiny, narrow shoulder Asian follows me. Justin Sun is popping up where ever i turn.

Look, i know Justin Sun looks like a sleazy salesman with questionable knowledge of cryptocurrencies (he has a
Bachelor of Arts in History) but he has been knocking it out of the park lately. He is slowly becoming the face of crypto. When Satoshi is an enigma, the spot is ripe for the taking.

1 mil twitter followers, Tesla giveaways, purchasing Bittorent, spanking Vitalik daily.

Hes in the spotlight 24/7 while Ned is nowhere to be seen. Ned who?
TRON right now is mostly worthless unsustainable gambling dapp ponzies and faked transaction volume but its pretty clear that Justin realizes that and is working to change it.

Theres this IRL law i run across where ever i look:

The less talented the person is in the area they want to excel at, the harder they work to succeed.

While TRON just might be all the negative things folks are saying about it, the “dude” is making moves.

Povezana slika

While Nedboy is picking at his guitar and his nose, Justin is getting people on his side. I mean, ill understand if @ned cant give away a Tesla, but dammit, he can at least scrape up the STEEM for 2 Nissan Micra!

Ill see you around. Keep on Tronning!

Why wont Ned separate the trending page in two?

There have been hundreds of discussions about bots and a broken trending page but after all the talk about incentives, moral corruption, greed what im left asking is:

Why not just separate the promoted content from the organically voted content? Or dont seperate anything. Simply create a organic trending page and leave the current one as is.

Would it really be that hard creating a filter for the various bots that exist? The vast majority is already listed on “”. You can probably even filter out upvote selling services by following memos.

An upgrade to the system that could follow could be adding “views” to the content listing algo in a smaller percentage adjusted by how fast the user base grows.

Is this really that difficult to pull of?

Who loses from a change like that? Did you take anything away from anyone?


Im fully aware that there are some morally corrupt individuals on this blockchain and that those people would try to abuse the system. But with such a system in place it would be incredibly easy to find those individuals that would act in such a manner.

Steemit isnt Steem. You have freedom @ned to change certain things.

Keep on Steeming.