How worth is your Staked PAL?

In case you don’t know, you have an amazing tool called “STEEM SCOT Voting Power” created by @blockchainstudio on which you can perform staking, claiming, check Voting Power or change your weight multiplier there.

It also tells you how much in STEEM is your Staked Token worth.

For instance, I have 1210 PAL staked:

So, according to the tool and also to the current trading price of PAL vs STEEM, in my case it is worth 508 Steem, ie 128 $…

Not bad taking into account that my investment has been almost zero!

The same you can do with any Steem-engine token, just change my user name and the Token symbol in the link below:

For LEO I have the following:

1318 LEO = 160 STEEM

Not bad at all, isn’t it?

Love #newsteem !