How worth is your Staked PAL?

In case you don’t know, you have an amazing tool called “STEEM SCOT Voting Power” created by @blockchainstudio on which you can perform staking, claiming, check Voting Power or change your weight multiplier there.

It also tells you how much in STEEM is your Staked Token worth.

For instance, I have 1210 PAL staked:

So, according to the tool and also to the current trading price of PAL vs STEEM, in my case it is worth 508 Steem, ie 128 $…

Not bad taking into account that my investment has been almost zero!

The same you can do with any Steem-engine token, just change my user name and the Token symbol in the link below:

For LEO I have the following:

1318 LEO = 160 STEEM

Not bad at all, isn’t it?

Love #newsteem !


Should I STAKE or should I TRADE?

Darling you got to let me know
Should I
STAKE or should I TRADE?
If you say that token is mine
I’ll be here ’til the end of time
So you got to let me know
Should I
STAKE or should I TRADE?

This is the question I have every time I open my wallet at STEEM-ENGINE .

Every week a new tribe and correspondent token is launched and despite I have staked the majority of my LEO , PAL and STEM coins , which are the coins on which I feel myself more identified, I do not know what to do with the others…

I have sold some and bought more PAL and LEO with them but, frankly besides an excellent income on those named, I am getting more and more from other tokens which I don’t know what to do with them, every day.

My WALLET has more than 36 Dollars of Non-staked tokens and is increasing day by day, which is fantastic but maybe I am losing ant opportunity with some of them for not having them staked…

Should I stake JAHM, INT or CCC?

Anyone knows if they have future?

I did create an alternative account on which I delegate the majority of the GOOD GAME TOKEN and so, I am not wasting my own SP on steem while upvoting users of that tribe… Should I do the same with INT, JAHM or CCC?

Or should I sell them and stake more STEEM/PAL/LEO?

Anyway, I prefer to have these kind of doubts than not having any…

#newsteem is just amazing!!!