BITCOIN: 4 Months of Exponential growth

Yes, it has passed already 4 months since BITCOIN touched what it seems to be the bottom of a long and painful correction.

Accompanying the solid 4 months of growth lately we are attending to an unprecedented growth as well of the trading Volume.

During this period of time BITCOIN has increased the volume not in a proportional way:

– Mid January: Volume $5.582.489.560 ; Price: $3.601,01

– Mid February: Volume $10.794.227.451 ; Price: $3.810,43

– Mid March: Volume $9.144.851.065 ; Price: $4.022,17

– Mid April: Volume $13.731.844.223 ; Price: $5.314,53

– Today: Volume $25.827.943.247 ; Price: $8.064,02

The following is the BITCOIN Market cap. Monthly chart in

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