BITCOIN: 4 Months of Exponential growth

Yes, it has passed already 4 months since BITCOIN touched what it seems to be the bottom of a long and painful correction.

Accompanying the solid 4 months of growth lately we are attending to an unprecedented growth as well of the trading Volume.

During this period of time BITCOIN has increased the volume not in a proportional way:

– Mid January: Volume $5.582.489.560 ; Price: $3.601,01

– Mid February: Volume $10.794.227.451 ; Price: $3.810,43

– Mid March: Volume $9.144.851.065 ; Price: $4.022,17

– Mid April: Volume $13.731.844.223 ; Price: $5.314,53

– Today: Volume $25.827.943.247 ; Price: $8.064,02

The following is the BITCOIN Market cap. Monthly chart in

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BITCOIN: the Count to the 14000 USD

Yep! , that is my Elliot Waves count, updated and pointing towards 14000 USD according to what I can observe right now at the chart.

If my count is fine the third wave have terminated, having reached around 8384 USD, a little more than I was lately expecting that was around 8000.

BITCOIN and the whole market is correcting, building the 4th wave downwards:

Currently, there is a daily exchange volume of 75 Billion USD for the total market, which is enormous and encouraging despite a few days ago we reached higher values, it is indeed a level of volume never seen before.


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Total Market cap 230B , but, what do you see on this chart?

What an amazing days we are living now!

BITCOIN willing to surpass 8000 USD right now and still there are people that is claiming for a Bull Trap coming?

Well, a correction shall come, that’s for sure, specially if we want to maintain a sustainable growth. But do you know what is shocking me most during this rise?

Have a second look at the daily chart of the Total Crypto Market cap:

Oh man! the Volume, the volume is massive!The crypto market is accelerating its growth a pace never seen before!

Only BITCOIN itself is moving 28 Billion$ of 24 hour volume and, despite some

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BITCOIN: Flying Parabolically

I almost have forgotten how exciting was the Crypto market till this morning while watching BITCOIN reaching 7000 USD I really get shocked.

Honestly I was not expecting such an accelerated growth. I was prepared to find resistance till 6200 USD but I never thought would be so easy for BITCOIN to break it.

To tell you the truth I am feeling excited while worried at the same time :-)…Excited because finally we reached a significant milestone which is the “balcony” from which the whole market fell down abruptly on November.

Worried because it seems to me an unsustainable rise, frankly speaking… I

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BITCOIN: Carefully excited…

And finally, here we have BITCOIN approaching to the most important Resistance Level of the Chart. The range between 6050 and 6400 USD. 

The 50 Day Moving Average in a consistent upwards trend which is nice and positive but….

But what happens with the Total Market Cap? Is it increasing because investors are coming, new FIAT is entering? or…

…is it the pure consequence of the Altcoin “Drainage”?

I’m afraid that the last is the most likely…

Yes, BITCOIN is increasing but most ALTCOINS are in full free-falling mode, and I am not speaking only about our beloved STEEM.

This “positive” trend on BITCOIN is only

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BITCOIN: uncertainty…

I did not update my Elliot Waves count since more than a week now, thought it is still valid…In my opinion BITCOIN has completed a 3rd and a 4th wave, very short this last one but, despite the steady volume I believe we can see the resume of the upwards move soon forming the final 5th wave of the bigger order 3rd wave, something like this:

However, Shorts has been increased substantially and this is something that may indicate a sudden drop before this count becomes a reality.

Actually, SHORTS are in the “super” Oversold area of the RSI which has never

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BINANCE: Price action is about to happen

Without so much time for writing today, so, short post here.

Symmetrical triangle formation on BINANCE, 4 hours chart:

Volume keeps being constant awhile Stochastic RSI on the daily chart indicates a good moment for buyers.

Every time Stochastic touches the lower limit there is a good jump upwards:

Price action is coming to BINANCE again and if we consider the historical data we have from the last three months the direction of the price movement must be upwards.

Target 28 USDT.

Stop Loss placed at 21.2 USDT.



*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this

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This is the chart I am following as a Main plan on BITCOIN:

I am always using Elliot Waves theory and other market tools in order to trace my trading plans but, of course, before you complain about it, this is only a theory among others and so it cannot be used as we use the Newton’s Law.

Elliot waves tries to forecast the future by analyzing the psychology of the market, how the emotions affects the trading behavior in a more or less steady state situation regarding events. But those events not always are predictable and there is always a big

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BITCOIN: Golden Cross, free way up?

Yes! BITCOIN 50 Day Moving Average has crossed the 200 Day Moving Average just hours ago, and with such a expected milestone accomplished the whole crypto market is again in green numbers, willing to overpass the current Higher High of the year of about 185 Billion USD.

A Golden Cross is just the signal that give us confidence regarding the better conditions of the market but, as usual, we have to be cautious still because the ACCUMULATION phase is still on going.

If Market behaves similarly to 2015 Accumulation phase, we may have another fall soon before confirming the REVERSAL.

In particular, on

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HOLOCHAIN and ENJIN COIN Short Term Targets

I have spoken already about HOLOCHAIN and ENJIN Coin, I am super bullish with these two projects both of them having a very promising future in my opinion.Despite the erratic movement of the crypto market theses days I think both of them have signals of bullish rise right now.By one side we have ENJIN Coin, token of the ENJIN ecosystem for gaming projects, is really showing a good performance lately.

ENJIN COIN seems to have completed already its 4th correcting wave. Remains one last wave upwards to complete the cycle. I have placed my target close to the All Time High

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