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Innovations won’t stop to amaze.

I am only familiar with a one-pager summary of a project, a book or an article.

How unbelievable it is that an operation as sophisticated and complex as trading cryptocurrency can be initiated and executed right on just a single page – Revolutionary, I call it!

The exchange procedure we are most familiar with look something like this.

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The process above may have been summarized in simple five steps, performing it in practice is not an experience to smile about.

In fact, this contributes to one of the reasons why cryptocurrency adoption is growing at a snail-pace rate.

Imagine a new user who heard about Bitcoin from the buzz on the street, decided to have a little holding of this so-called magic internet money was presented with the above mountain process of acquittance to climb.

The individual might just stop his adventure right at the KYC stage (something which is now becoming a mandate no matter the trade size on exchanges) or if he is lucky enough to sign up with established exchange who still provide a small window for users to transact under limited access without KYC confirmation, order placement complexes might just discourage him all at once (we are talking of a newbie after all).

Problems with multifarious exchange who mostly are built with centralized design extend beyond the user experience sample mentioned above. There are other reasons why their use offers many disadvantages.

Reasons such as:

• Insecurity of funds.

• Low liquidity (with the majority)

• Issue with theft and hacks

• Censorship.

These sets of problems cannot be tolerated in the long run if we really want to establish the decentralized mission of cryptocurrency.

Therefore, there is a need for urgent but lasting solutions.

Like the opening part of this post mentioned. There is a simple exchange with good capabilities to handle single or multiple exchanges between a wide range of cryptocurrencies right on a single page.

I am talking of the innovative OnePageX.


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Onepagex is a multifaceted simple exchange with the ability to host and executive trades between cryptocurrencies right on a single page.

This exchange relies on the market price feed from many reliable sources to provide fair market trade. Using the atomic swap technique, the exchange allows the immediate liquidity and conversion between user desired cryptocurrencies.

One special uniqueness of OnePageX is the total absence of any form of registration and confirmation before a user can start using the service. Providing absolute decentralization, privacy, and convenience.

Another exciting features about this exchange are the wide range of available selection of cryptocurrencies which are over 140+. This availability paves way for conducting microtransactions across a wide range of selections which is very beneficial to airdrop hunters and the likes.

Just like the words of Brian Armstrong -Coinbase CEO 

many people will earn their first cryptocurrency rather than buying it.

This quote is to the point, in that, the majority of just introduced newbies are airdrop and bounty hunters.

I started my crypto journey as a bounty and airdrop hunter.

I still remember how an airdrop token got stuck on an exchange because I couldn’t meet the withdrawal fee sum.

The decentralized architectural design of OnePageX mitigates the problem of fees arising from withdrawal. Another interesting part is that trading fees are drastically reduced, with just 0.5% charge, and transactions can be monitored in real time providing more assurance.

Here is a sample illustration of how the stages of exchange with Onepagex looks like.

i) Selection of preferred cryptocurrency type.

ii) Input of withdrawal address.

iii) Start exchange with a click on the button.

iv) Deposit address of the base currency to start the exchange. 

v) Deposit waiting for two confirmation.

vi) Actual conversion with a pending status (happens in second).

vii) Exchange completion.

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Tracked your transaction on explorer by clicking the complete button.


The process is as simple as that.

Apart from the waiting time for the base currency deposit to be confirmed, all the steps illustrated above take just seconds.

With this kind of speed in exchange, gradually, we are getting close to the future dreams.

At the very start of the exchange, Bitcoin was the only available base currency, but there are now more available options like Ethereum and Steem, providing even more versatility and speed in confirmation.

The ability to sort out transactions within seconds with no prior need for registration or identity confirmation is a special experience on its own but OnePageX have even more to offer. 

Rundown in a short list with inclusive features:

√ Convenience

√ Fast exchange window period

√ Absence of registration

√ Absence of KYC confirmation.

√ Adequate security.

Right on the same single interface, OnepageX offers an added advantage of conducting multiple transactions all at the same time.

Here is a sample of how the process looks like.

A broad overview of how that is conducted.

Mobile View.

Desktop View.

Descriptive images sourced from

All the above graphic samples showcase many of the cool features of the exchange.

The lack of registration may have prompted a curiousness of how a transaction can be retrieved in the case the window or tab was lost for various reasons like; sudden fail of internet connection, mistake arising from self-navigation from the page, and many more possibilities of mistakes. A simple way this is rectified is by resorting the page URL from the browser history – allowing the confidently use of the exchange without any reason to panic.

OneBox Exchange Widget

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With the type of convenience this exchange provides, it is right to think why aren’t crypto-based merchant using this solution to settle crypto payments on their website.

Well, maybe words haven’t yet reached out to them because OnePageX provides a good solution for websites through its website exchange widget “OneBox”.

Integrating OneBox widget on exchanges takes a simple copy-paste action of the widget code from OneBox Exchange Widget page.

At this point in time, OnepageX solution is something all crypto enthusiast and evangelist should be excited about as it is one of the solutions that is bringing about the actualization of the convenience, ease, speed and security that has long been needed.

Competing Solutions

OnePageX is innovative in its design and appearance, but the past few years have also witnessed other similar product with the established mission to provide these set of solutions.

How is Onepagex then different from these similar solutions?

Features That Distinguish OnePageX From Other Similar Exchange.

As a reality, there are other exchanges that provide instant liquidity and conversion between cryptocurrency assets. Such examples of well-known exchanges include Blocktrades and Bancor Network.

To highlight their difference without too much of words. A graphical representation showcasing their superiority and flaws is provided below.

Author’s work

Some Use Cases.

Scenario 1

Samuel is a college student whose recent discovery of cryptocurrency propelled him on an exciting adventure as a bounty hunter as he lacks the necessary financial prowess to invest directly on the assets of his choice.

By his voracious commitment, Samuel had a very good experience with this new adventure and earn some valuable reward in the process.

Having gotten familiar with the crypto world, he discovered much of these earned coins are with higher volatility risk than established ones, therefore, he decided to gradually convert them to less volatile ones as he has a long time goal of holding his earned cryptos for future possibility gains.

His regular way of trading these cryptos was to pass through exchanges that require formal registrations and KYC confirmation before any form of exchange can be conducted. As daunting as this process is, it became easily checked by Samuel but the problem with fixed withdrawal fee that eats up a significant part of his holding became a real case to worry about.

But the whole story changed when Samuel stumble on a discovery that matched his need and exceeded his imagination.

On a fateful day, Samuel woke up to dig out available opportunities. In the process of his search, he stumbles on a contest promoting a project called “OnePageX” which solution perfectly matched his need.

This new discovery ended Samuel’s agonizing experience with formal exchanges as they became a thing of the past. He now enjoys the convenience, ease and wide range of selections provided by OnePageX.

Scenario 2

‘I need to lead by example’ – Anatasia thought to herself, she is a well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast and evangelist.

Her past crypto wins gave her the financial power to set up her local dream store. But the majority in her locals have never heard or know about Bitcoin. She decided the best implementation to set out with was to enable a fiat gateway on her website.

Her business flourished, reaching some of her online fan she initially didn’t set the market for. Words reached to her to set up a gateway that accepts crypto payments.

She decided this was the best thing for her offline business and her online reputation.

However, getting the right solution became a struggle as available solutions did not fit her need.

After making a public announcement about her need, a stranger dropped a Twitter message describing a one-pager exchange.

Her carefulness and knowledge ensure she didn’t click any of the link sent to her, rather, she did a proper search on Google and read about the suggested solution.

In the means of her search, she finds out the solution was, in fact, the best fit for her need.

To get things right without further stress Ana hired a coder freelancer and gave the necessary description. The task took just some minutes to be completed as it was just a copy and paste job.

She paid for the job without having to part with much money.

Her dream store got more set-up with an added juice to it.

She became happy afterward.


Ease, convenience, and liquidity are some of the top desires of most traders.

It contributes to reasons why many people prefer to keep their crypto holdings on centralized exchanges who are vulnerable to hacks and theft despite alternatives with decentralized exchanges.

Although, liquidity-providing exchange using the swap model are not a feasible ground for speculative trading, they provide the best alternative for other types of trading.

OnePageX took the swap model a step further by providing a platform where the complete process of exchange happens on a page. Putting off the stress with registration, privacy, and identity confirmation that may be subject to regulation.

Suddenly, the decentralized infrastructures we dreamt about, are getting set up, and for sure OnePageX is part of the move.

For additional Information about Onepagex visit their Website.

And all of their available social media and forums.






Read up the OneBox setup if you plan on accepting cryptocurrency on your website.


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STEEM on sales, let’s take advantage with @actifit

At this time, some of you may know already that you can exchange your AFIT tokens for STEEM using the service your AFIT wallet at .

After reading an amazing analysis on the @actifit app, written by @dalz, do not miss to read his post: “Actifit Q1 2019 – Activities, Users, Delegations” , suddenly I realized that I have never tried to exchange AFIT for STEEM.

According to @dalz, “You can trade a max of 20 tokens and receive an upvote worth 0,036$ per token.” wallet instructions for the exchange are simple and very safe, first the app ask you to set a password for the exchange:

and then the only “little” problem is that you have to send a tiny fee :-)…

This “fee” is 1 STEEM/SBD (at least…) but is only one time fee.

I have sent my 1 STEEM token using the app which does the process by steemconnect.

After having waited 1 minute or so, I am ready to exchange 20 AFIT tokens (20 is the maximum number of tokens you can exchange) for 1.11$ Upvote of STEEM which is much more than the current price of the 1 STEEM I have spent in the “one time fee”.

Immediately after, there is a message telling me that I am in the 315th position of the queue and that the upvote should take place within 96 hours from now, to be done on the most recent actifit post not yet rewarded.

Besides that, considering how STEEM is performing lately (price is falling even if BTC raises), this “fee” is really peanuts today, especially knowing I have seen 1 STEEM reaching more than 8 USD in the past, so, I do not see better moment than today to set up my “AFIT to STEEM channel” .

All the process has been very easy and really fast. I have to congratulate again @actifit Team for the VISION and Business Plan developed here and for the constant project deliveries, improving with each upgrade several aspects not only of the technology but also regarding mass adoption and economical plan.


Are centralized exchanges slowing down mainstream adoption?

Lately ive been thinking about centralized exchanges a bit more and found that most of them are basically parasites and crooks that crypto has a unfortunate dependency on. Not only that, but i firmly believe that beside being shady and corrupt institutions they are hurting crypto in another way.

They are slowing down mainstream adoption by catering to “big money” instead of project quality and the level of project adoption/user base.

Ive talked about it in previous posts that the majority of the top50 cryptocurrencies on MC have minuscule user numbers. Some in the top 20 with dapps registering circa 100 users in total.

I always point out ETC as the most ridiculous example of market stupidity. A dapp building platform that no one uses, that you can hack with 5000 USD, that is 18th in market cap and is listed on Coinbase.

How is it valued so high and has more then 180 trading pairs with a fair number of fiat pairs and stable coin pairs?
Because most exchanges look for only 3 things.

  1. Volume.
  2. Market cap.
  3. How much you willing to pay for a listing?

When crypto is so dependent on crypto exchanges and crypto exchanges are only driven by short term profit and clearly (as seen from looking at stats by Blockchain Transparency Institute) do not care about the health of the ecosystem then it is safe to assume that they do not care in the slightest about mainstream adoption and the projects like STEEM that are capable of achieving it.

What would happen if STEEM had ETH market cap and was valued at 1 STEEM=46 USD?

Is there anyone here that is going to tell me that there is any shadow of a doubt that STEEM would be hitting 1 million users at this very moment? (if the technicals were in place which they would be with such high dev funding potential)

Is there anything that could change this around or are we left at the mercy of centralized exchanges?
I dont know.
What i do know is that if this continues we could be seeing a massive crash eventually when the market realizes how worthless some of these crypto tokens are.

I didnt buy STEEM just because i thought it would rise in price. I bought it because its one of the few tokens that you actively use.

Let me know what you think. Should we torch all of them?
I say yes. 😀

Ill see you around.

Centralized exchanges are parasites and you really cant trust “Coinmarketcap” numbers.

Ill try and keep this short. As you folks already know there is this extremely developed dependence of Crypto on crypto exchanges. This dependence is so perverse that getting listed/unlisted can make or break a crypto project.

And of course, since crypto exchanges arent regulated they completely abuse that fact doing what is basically stealing. Falsely presenting financial information based on which they charge crypto projects disgustingly large fees.

Im not well versed in financial law, but even what they are doing isnt criminal activity, its fraudulent and unethical.

Very simply put:

Out of the top 25 BTC pairs on Coinmarketcap only 2 arent massively inflating volume according to

Apparently only Binance, Bitfinex and Liquid are legit. How does this fit in with market analysis when there are exchanges that have actual volume at only 1% of reported volume?


Bold italic with the biggest heading.

There is simply no denying that centralized exchanges are parasites that pray on new projects and take advantage of them.

Data suggests that an average project spent over $50,000 in listing fees to exchanges on the advisory list (of this year. This totals over $100 million stolen in 2018 via listing fees, with some exchanges making over $1 million from this alone.

If im honest i wouldnt even trust that Binance and Bitfinex arent doing shady things when you look at everyone else. Still, the list (if you decide to trust it. Cant trust nothing nowadays) absolves them.

It simply amazes me that after 10 years of bitcoin we are so dependent on centralized fraudulent institutions. And in crypto of all things. Isnt that something we wanted to escape? Something we are fed up with?

Anyways, as always, scammers can go to hell.

Ill see you around.