Crypto East vs West

Apologies for the slightly clickbaity heading: I’m playing on the topic of the US China Trade War.
While the Trade War doesn’t directly influence crypto, it surely plays a roll. I believe that as inevitable market crunches loom nearer, so crypto will become ever more attractive as an investment asset – specifically as a high ROI store-of-value. We all know that crypto isn’t as stable as gold, but gold can’t offer the returns that crypto does. Obviously that is bullish for crypto in the long-run.
But that’s not what I wanted to tell you today; today I want to draw your attention

A Stable of Binance Coins – General musings

By now I’m sure that most of you have heard that Binance will be launching it’s own stablecoins soon. They have been testing with a small amount of BGBP – a coin pegged to the British Pound (GBP) and they say that others are in the pipeline.
The Binance approach is an interesting one, because unlike most other stablecoins, they are not focussing on USD based coins. Indeed, they are specifically NOT focussing on USD.
Binance has clearly been studying the stablecoin environment for some time, you can see the results of this in their stablecoins research report published last month: “The

// Bitcoin SV up 50%

Just looked at the CMC a few mins ago to see Bitcoin Fake i.e. BSV up 50%. Ive shared my opinion on these shitcoins many times so bashing BSV again is pointless.
I was curious as to why it went up so much so i went on browsing.

Apparently someone shared some fake news about Bitcoin Fake on Wechat. The message said that Binance was listing BSV again which was ofc not true. Almost instantly BSV went up 65%.

I mean, what is this thing we are dealing with?

On Steem we are having big debates about curation split, bots, parasitic psychopaths as if that will somehow affect the price. But does it really?
All those things seem to only affect who gets more inflation and ends up with more Steem in the end. The authors or the big stake holders.

So it seems that all you need to do to moon STEEM is plant some news about STEEM being listed on a major exchange…. All you need is a screenshot to fix all our problems. Imagine that! Instead of thousands of pages of debates you could fix everything with a well placed screenshot carrying fake news.

Aint Crypto grand?

The Victimless Hack

Binance got hacked yesterday – by now everybody knows that. I think it’s great thing for all concerned. This is why:


Binance got hacked and lost about 7000 BTC in a single transaction. From what I have read, the hack appears to have been carried out by a very patient and professional team. Viewed from my military background; I have to admire the planning and execution of the hack, which in no way means that I condone what the hackers have done. Au contraire – I look forward to watching them trying to spend or exchange that BTC further down the

Your keys, your Bitcoin! Binance keys, hacker Bitcoins!

Image result for funds not safu

Dont you love the crypto world? Because i do.

Are you saying that no one uses your dapp focused blockchain and no dapps are built on it?!

Heres a billion USD!

Are you saying that there is a guy running a successful blockchain project that is a known fraud and is lying that he is the creator of Bitcoin?!

Lets give his project a billion USD marketcap!

Are you saying that by using blockchain we dont have to store our funds in centralized financial institutions!!!

Awesome! Now lets put all our money in a centralized financial institution!

The crypto world is the upside down world. Where everything is BS and almost everyone pretends to subscribe to core values associated with blockchain. .

BINANCE: Price action is about to happen

Without so much time for writing today, so, short post here.

Symmetrical triangle formation on BINANCE, 4 hours chart:

Volume keeps being constant awhile Stochastic RSI on the daily chart indicates a good moment for buyers.

Every time Stochastic touches the lower limit there is a good jump upwards:

Price action is coming to BINANCE again and if we consider the historical data we have from the last three months the direction of the price movement must be upwards.

Target 28 USDT.

Stop Loss placed at 21.2 USDT.



*Disclaimer: This is just my personal point of view, please, do your own assessment and act consequently. Neither this

List of Top 2019 Coins so far

This is not a “buy now” list. It’s not a “best performers” list. It’s not a list of coins that will do well for the rest of the year or a list of my favourite projects. It’s something like a combination of all of those.

What I did for this post was to look at the coins that have performed the best in 2019 – from 1 January to date. The market has generally been bullish and most coins have climbed during that time. As a reference: BTC is up 44.22%. For this list I chose coins which are up 100%

If BINANCE asks we react…

If there is one mandatory task that any good steemian should or must do regularly besides voting for witnesses is to promote STEEM every time the opportunity appears.

Our friends of BINANCE are asking which tokens we would like to see at their BINANCE Chain which, in case you don’t know yet, it is a custom blockchain that features a permissionless decentralized exchange (DEX). For your information, this new blockchain will become available to the public on April 23 and I am sure there will be some positive effects on the tokens listed there.

You can see the announcement in the following link from twitter:

I have already replied them obviously “voting” for STEEM and I think would be good if you do the same.

So, please, go there and reply telling $STEEM or #STEEM or whatever the tag used but always with STEEM !



The Crypto Community has Spoken!

Something very interesting has been happening in crypto for the last week or so. If you didn’t look carefully, you may have missed the broader implications.

By now it is well known that self-proclaimed-Satoshi Craig Wright went after Twitter personality @hodlonaut, placing a bounty on his head in an attempt to find his true identity and saying that he would sue anyone else who denies that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig wants people to identify hodlonaut by his tattoos and offered a 70 BSV reward (about $5000 at the time). However, this rewards is becoming less and less attractive as time

Bearish Divergence on LITECOIN and BINANCE?

Following the last movements of BITCOIN on which we are
currently experimenting a drop on the price, we can see some signs of
“exhaustion” in the rise of some of the major altcoins that have led the
rise lately.

This is the case of LITECOIN and BINANCE Coin.


we can be very satisfied of its performance, it has completed 5 waves, forming a promising 1st one in black. The price has grown constantly from 24 to 64 USD in the last 3 months but, unfortunately, the RSI  seems to indicate a clear DIVERGENCE on the rise of the last three Highs…


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