@actifit is again leading the STEEM Ecosystem

@actifit is doing it again! They have launched another new functionality, from now on you can exchange your AFIT tokens for STEEM at the STEEM-ENGINE market.

In order to allow all users and investors the use of this new functionality, you need to have AFITX tokens in your wallet which are going to be airdropped in the coming hours, with a maximum of 10 AFITX per account (equivalent to 100 STEEM at the current price).

In short, For every 1 AFITX owned, you can move daily up to 100 AFIT.

That means, AFIT current price is 0.05 STEEM/AFIT , so, at the current price it is 5 STEEM a day just with 1 AFITX!

But, wait, AFITX seems to be even more important than the rewarding AFIT token… The more AFITX token you have in your wallet the higher your user rank and so the higher you will be rewarded in AFIT, STEEM, ZZAN, SPORTS, PAL.

Also have a look on the Token description:

AFITX is a new special benefits token for Actifit users & AFIT token holders. Holding this token enables users to: – Daily Move AFIT tokens to S-E – Increases user rank – Increases post rewards via our different rewarded tokens – Receive priority when exchanging AFIT for STEEM upvotes – Participate in contests – AFITX will constitute the basis for our future Exchange framework

So here I am now buying some AFITX while exchanging already some of my AFIT for STEEM…

Actually, it is working somehow as an AFIT POWER-DOWN in automatic, so, seems that you have to select the amount you want to send daily to the Steem-engine exchange so, be sure to choose a sustainable amount because it can affect your User Rank.

For me this is a Clear WIN-WIN again!!!!

Congratulations and thanks to @mcfarhat and @actifit team for the excellent work.


P.S: You can learn more about it by reading Actifit last post.

STEEM on sales, let’s take advantage with @actifit

At this time, some of you may know already that you can exchange your AFIT tokens for STEEM using the service your AFIT wallet at actifit.io .

After reading an amazing analysis on the @actifit app, written by @dalz, do not miss to read his post: “Actifit Q1 2019 – Activities, Users, Delegations” , suddenly I realized that I have never tried to exchange AFIT for STEEM.

According to @dalz, “You can trade a max of 20 tokens and receive an upvote worth 0,036$ per token.”

actifit.io wallet instructions for the exchange are simple and very safe, first the app ask you to set a password for the exchange:

and then the only “little” problem is that you have to send a tiny fee :-)…

This “fee” is 1 STEEM/SBD (at least…) but is only one time fee.

I have sent my 1 STEEM token using the app which does the process by steemconnect.

After having waited 1 minute or so, I am ready to exchange 20 AFIT tokens (20 is the maximum number of tokens you can exchange) for 1.11$ Upvote of STEEM which is much more than the current price of the 1 STEEM I have spent in the “one time fee”.

Immediately after, there is a message telling me that I am in the 315th position of the queue and that the upvote should take place within 96 hours from now, to be done on the most recent actifit post not yet rewarded.

Besides that, considering how STEEM is performing lately (price is falling even if BTC raises), this “fee” is really peanuts today, especially knowing I have seen 1 STEEM reaching more than 8 USD in the past, so, I do not see better moment than today to set up my “AFIT to STEEM channel” .

All the process has been very easy and really fast. I have to congratulate again @actifit Team for the VISION and Business Plan developed here and for the constant project deliveries, improving with each upgrade several aspects not only of the technology but also regarding mass adoption and economical plan.


I am applying to be an Actifit Mentor

This is the official application post for the role of an @actifit mentor.

As @rosatravels stated in her post Accepting Actifit Mentors Applications Now there are some requirements to meet and some guidelines to follow, some commitments to make and to fulfill.

The requirements

  • Actifit mentor needs a reputation of at least 50
  • Actifit mentor needs to have at least 30 Reports on your Actifit Activity

The commitments

  • Onboarding new members to Steem and Actifit
  • Helping new members
  • Onboarding at least 10 new members and help them stay active

I ask the following members to vouch for me that I am suitable for the role of an Actifit mentor. Thank you very much in advance.

@toofasteddie, @amico, @mcfarhat, @roger5120, @cryptospa

I wish all the future mentors and especially all the new and fresh Actifit members successful and fruitful journey.


Better and better