BTC/Crypto update 26 April

Well it looks like Tether has once again tried and failed to make an attempt on our lives.

With a consolidation period drawing to a close, BTC looked ready to attempt another breakthrough of the light resistance at $5600, and possibly to make its first assault on major resistance at around $6200.

Sadly Tether pulled another one of its old tricks and temporarily ruined the faith in the market.

There are many indications of new money being in the crypto market. (Sadly) we once again see rather immature market behaviour and overreaction to crypto market events. We have very strong volume now, more

My experience with Bitfinex Telegram // In the wake of the Tether news.

The Greatest Bitcoin Memes of 2017

When i was on my crusade to get information as to why STEEM was an unknown token and had so few trading pairs, one of the exchanges i went to first is Bitfinex. First thing i did was pick up their Telegram account and asked a few question.
It was quite active and there were a number of official mods working there.

So i went on asking:

Why you no list STEEM?! Its a da best!

The response i got was the usual “We will consider all projects that benefit our community”. Or some other generic crap like that.

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My messages blow up. 5 DMs, all from Bitfinex “alleged moderators” asking me in broken english:

Hey friend, want to get your STEEM listed? I can do this for u.

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I was like: HELL, YEAH!!!! Im going to be a star on STEEMIT if i get STEEM listed on Bitfinex!

No, haha.

What actually was funny is that a few of the mods that contacted me were legit mods that were just trying to grab some cash fast so i decided to play with them a little. Told them to get a legit representative of the Bitfinex team to contact me on my email and i would consider paying. haha. This is an email of a legit moderator that i received.

I mean, who in their right mind would fall for this. haha. He still wrote an email though. He took the time.

Another Moderator wasnt as open about it since he was on of the main mods in charge. But he hinted at it:

You could pay me and ill make it happen or i can give you the contact of the person in the support team.


Out of the clear scammers there were a few funny ones. There was even one female avatar that was attempting to flirt with me in broken english.

You very handsome sir. Do you like my photos? I get you listing only for 5 Bitcoin.

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In the end i managed to get in contact with the customer support and the answer was basically the one you always get: “We will consider every token at an undisclosed time in the future.”
The take away being that even though they claim not to take payment for listings and there is some kind of system in place that somehow gets the community to vote on the tokens to list, it seems that you could very well pay for someone to push a token forward.

Just a short story to add to the Tether shadiness. 😀