Can WLS Spike here??? 1.50 is a huge level…

WLS is on the move folks. We have broken over 1.00 WLS/BTS and are on the move towards 1.50+. This is going to be a big level and we will get a gauge of how much WLS is actually in demand. Can we push through 1.50 and stretch to 2.00? You can see the past resistance of 1.50 numerous times in the past.

I have seen a few bullish charts on WLS floating around and I know more and more people are navigating their way to the platform from other places. WLS is growing faster and faster and the engagement needs

$NIO is a BUY!

I missed it, but I am watching like a hawk. I have seen this name a few times a did a little research this morning. I did not watch the 60 Minutes special on it but it gave it the boost over major resistance yesterday that it needed. The follow through today is large and I expect this to continue ahead as the momentum is intact and IPO highs are much higher.

Thanks to @allstarcharts for introducing this to me, “the longer the base, the higher in space”. This one is going up. You can see the immediate pump off


I love markets. It is one of my favorite things…and this is the type of things that make it fun! Recently, since @freedomexists brought his WHALECOIN back online we now have a market to compare WLS to. The whalecoins are markets withing WLS, however they should jive with one another. I am here to tell you that WLS is UNDERVALUED! Here is why…

I am constantly powering down my growing whalestake in order to put more WLS out on the open market for people to buy. With the inflation rate I think this is proper to do so others can stake