Patience Pays My Friends $TWTR

Twitter is ripping into the gap again currently up 4% and climbing over 39 headed towards $40. I have been chirping about the bird for week and then earnings gave it the turn I was expecting. I am trying to play this patient long game with this one and have held throughout the earnings pull in looking for something to take off…

Boom! TWTR has just taken back the past 10 days with 1 hour this morning. There is some massive flow coming into the Blue Bird and I am expecting this to continue. The trend is your friend and I

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Can $UBER give $LYFT a Lyft?

It sure does need one. After being pushed into the IPO market land and opening up well above the IPO price at 72, it has been utterly obliterated into the ground. Every single investor is losing money here (unless you are shorting, but they aren’t investors). This is a gigantic fail of an IPO. Does UBER make the same mistake?

They are doing everything they can not to including holding a valuation much below what was originally estimated and attempting to open the share price lower to. From the looks of it LYFT is not getting a bounce on UBER’s

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Bears were out growling earlier this morning…

2 hours later and we are going green from the open. This trade war headlines BS needs to stop. I can’t make this up, I leave DC, we are tanking and the trade deal is a zero(not happening). Then I land 2 hours later and the deal might happen this week, and we are ripping back to highs. Stay tuned for the close and don’t chase either.

Bears you really didn’t think you were breaking this line the first time did you??

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OnePageX – Easiest Exchange for over 140+ Cryptocurrencies!

Have you ever hear of OnePageX? Well if you haven’t I am here to show you one of the absolute EASIEST ways to transfer and exchange your cryptocurrencies. OnePageX offers one of the fastest ways to swap cryptocurrencies and adds new cryptocurrencies weekly. One of the hardest things for new cypto users is to be able to move coins from one cryptocurrency to another. This is huge and I am going to show you one of the most utilized reason that OnePageX is a great option.

OnePageX allows you to exchange your tokens and process the transaction on ONE PAGE.

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$CSCO is a buy on the pullback

Cisco has a Very very strong uptrend as you can see here. Considering we are in a “tech strong” market again after the Christmas Eve lows, it is no surprise that this uptrend has been so strong for multiple months. If you have been watching this strength and been waiting for a pullback, now might be your chance!

I am looking for many of these small pullbacks to buy into tech companies here. Until the signals say get out, you have to respect the price again. Many have taken back the 200 day MA which initiate higher prices usually. We will

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$TWTR Closes on Weekly Highs

It doesn’t get much more bullish than this folks. I have been a believer in twitter for over 9 years and have accumulated over 18.7k tweets. The setup was finally there before earnings and the chips were on the table Now we let it ride. 45 is the first stop and then all time highs. Once twitter introduces crypto somehow to the platform this thing goes parabolic during the next crypto bull run IMO.

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Boom! #Bitcoin Rips Higher $BTC

Bitcoin is up more than 6% today and is up over 82% YTD in 2019. It is crossing levels that have not bee seen since the November Puke of last year when bitcoin lost the 6000 level on heavy volume traded. It has taken us more than 5 month to get back to this important level and now we are here with some authority.

Does it get through the first time? Doubtful, but crazier things have happened. I think it is important to know that the last 80+% drawdown puke was just another “bubble” that burst and now we move

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Can Real Estate Break Out?

Real Estate is above a level that many thought would never be seen again a little over a decade ago. It has rebounded off the likely GENERATIONAL LOWS back in 2009 and is now making a move over key resistance levels of 83-84 (prior highs). If this were too hold I believe you can be LONG Real Estate for the foreseeable future. Bullish over 84, Bearish Under.

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$TWTR is Bull Flagging!

After blowing through resistance on earnings with a 15%+ day, $TWTR has consolidated sideways and is now make a move back into the earnings high and gap fill to 42. With a move over these highs, we should be looking for some major continuation and just ride the bull. As you can see in the chart featured, we have broken up and a bull trend has truly began IMO.

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This is What you want an IPO to look like $PINS

Pinterest is On Fire! After going public a little over a week ago you have seen $PINS make new high after new high. After not going public last year and the banks pricing it lower than expected due to interest you can see what those banks know. The public wanted it!

$PINS was priced at the lower end of the range due to lack of interest. Well, it opened at 24 and is now a 30+% gainer for the public. This is how an IPO is suppose to look. This is what you want to see….not this immediate selling on the

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