Other outdoor wood plastic composite products

Woodplastic composite, abbreviated as WPC, is a highly functional alternative for the conventional timber pergolas Dubai found in many villas and hotels. The composite material is now being used instead of timber for making composite pergolas because itlooks as good as timber but with much greater strength and performance. As a result, the outdoor structures have a great look and much better durability than the regular timber structures. There are numerous other benefits of using composite material for making outdoor structures which we’ll be discussing later but first, we’ll some other outdoor structures that can be created using the composite material. 


Pool Cabanas: It is a sheltered place near a pool or beach which is used privately for changing swimwearand also relaxing. Usually, a pool cabana has three lightweight walls and one open side facing the pool. There might be a curtain on the open side that can be used when needed. The timber which has been used for making the lightweight walls is now being replaced by composite material. With continuous interaction with water, timber can warp but the WPC material won’t. 

Pool cabanas are an outdoor structure that is a great option if you have a swimming pool in your villa. You can have one or multiple cabanas on your poolside. 


Gazebos: Gazebos are shelter outdoor structures that are open from all sides. They may be separate or attached to the garden wall. They generally have a roof to provide shade and shelter from the rain. The gazebos are not meant only for shelter but they are also looked upon as an ornamental feature. They are also found in parks and some of them are so big that they serve as bandstands. Wood pergola UAE companies are using composite materials for creating personal gazebos for Dubai villas.

Barbeque shade pergolas: The composite pergolas are also available for proving shade to your BBQ. Till now they were made of timber but composite materials are now being used for creating BBQ shade pergolas. However, when you make the entire setup of the BBQ grill and pergolas, the BBQ mustnot be placed against any of the beams of the pergola as it may cause damage to the panels. The best location of BBQ is in the middle between posts and at the outer edge of the pergolas. 


Now when we have discussed the various other outdoor structures which can be made using composite material, we also need to discuss why composite is better than the convention timber. These include:

  • It is UV resistant.
  • It is eco-friendly (because it uses recycled plastic for its manufacturing) and natural-looking.
  • It is European manufactured therefore it is high in quality. 
  • It is available in customised design and flexible options. 

Composite materials are a much better material for any of your outdoor structures. The composite wood can be manufactured into anything that timber has been used for in the past and does it better! This is due to the great overall properties of the material and its long lasting nature in the harsh UAE environment. Perfect for modern Dubai living.

Address – Al Serkal Warehouses No. 12, DIP 1, Dubai, UAE

Tel No. – 971561296944

Mail ID – info@pergolas.ae

Site –  https://pergolas.ae/composite-wood/

Small CPR knowledge makes huge differences

Are you seeking First Aid, CPR Classes? Are you seeking basic life certification and re-certification courses in or around Costa Mesa, California? You are on the right path because this is the right time to pursue courses related to the healthcare system. When you think about pursuing BLS Costa Mesa CAanother thought would cross your mind that why would you need CPR classes. The answer is simple, CPR certification course is an AHA certification course and it is a must for those who wish to work in the healthcare industry, a hospital, a clinic, or in general CPR course is quite helpful.

If you want to get more information, about First Aid Certification Costa Mesa CA please go here:- https://yourcprmd.com/orangecounty/costa-mesa-cpr-classes/

CPR Costa Mesa CA isn’t only for health care workers but also for those who are related to any other healthcare settings like for instance; a personal trainer in Costa Mesa would require an AHA certification for helping the candidates to physically transform their bodies. A lifeguard who night needs to help a person who just drowned in a pool; or parents who found that their child is not responding and they want to resuscitate him. There can also be a situation when you see an unfortunate road accident and you want to help the person who is unable to breathe and fighting for his survival. There can be many other situations where you might need CPR knowledge and you can help the person in general.

According to the American Heart Association, every year there are about 385K individuals who encounter out of the hospital cardiac pulmonary arrest. It averages to about more than 1000 persons each day. According to these figures, anyone can clearly understand the importance of taking CPR classes Costa Mesa CA. When you have knowledge about CPR you can handle a medical emergency smartly until the patient reaches the hospital or better medical facility. However, the chances of encountering such a case are very less but if it happens you will be prepared. If anyone faces a cardiac pulmonary arrest the chances of survival are zero if no CPR is done at all but if CPR is done then at least the chances of survival increase up to 8-10%. These facts show us that a small CPR knowledge can make a huge difference.

The facts and figures we discussed above are just out of the hospital cases and to handle such cases which happen outside the hospital, you don’t need to be an advanced healthcare worker. An AHA-certified course can be pursued by anyone who wishes to be in the healthcare industry in the future or just in general for knowledge. The main objective of CPR is to revive someone who is not breathing by giving chest compressions and ventilations and then use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to save the life. If you are well versed with the procedure, it can be easy to perform CPR.

There are many BLS Certification Costa Mesa CAinstitutes that are offering the CPR certification course in order to promote healthier lives and reduce the morbidity rate due to cardiac pulmonary arrest.


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Lake Forest, CA 92630



S&P 500, ASX 200 & DAX 30 Elliott Wave Analysis – Trading Lounge

S&P 500 [SPX] Index and NASDAQ [NDX] Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Trading
Plus US Stocks: AMZN, GOOG, AAPL,SQ, FB,TSLA With Elliott Wave theory applied

Overview: The SP500 is in a bullish corrective pattern and I’m trying to figure out if the pattern is completed or not. The current top is critical in the next direction of the market.

S&P 500 Elliott Wave: tracking two counts

SP500 Trading Strategy: Long above current highs, otherwise expect the indices to edge lower


Overview: Iron Ore and copper have further downside, they are in a larger corrective pattern but only in their first leg down and of course affecting resource stocks.
The strength for the ASX200 will come from the banks as they are in an uptrend

ASX 200 Technical Analysis:Bullish ASX200 and banks and bearish resources

Trading Levels: Support at 7000

ASX200 Elliott Wave:Wave v of (iii)

ASX200 Trading Strategy: holding long with adjusted stop loss order

DAX 30 | UK100 | FTSE 100 | STOXX 50 Technical Analysis Elliott Wave Trading

Overview: today I look at a more bullish count for the Euro Indices, that said a short term abc correction first.

Elliott Wave Wave (iii) higher

TradingLevels: Support 15,000

DAX30 Trading Strategy: Looking for the abc retracement as the long trade set up.

Peter Mathers tradinglounge

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Nigerian Food NYC | Divine Flavored Catering

Brooklyn, New York – People searching for the best Nigerian and African restaurant in New York City need look no further than Divine Flavored Catering and their food truck DF Nigerian Food Truck, located in Midtown Manhattan. Whether you’re looking for a delicious bite of jollof rice, moi-moi, meat pies, or goat meat, you can always count on the team at Divine Flavored Catering to serve up the best African cuisine you can imagine. They know how to cook, how to serve, and how to give you rich and authentic flavors.

Divine Flavored Catering has four menus to choose from: Main catering, mini catering, restaurant, and food truck. The main catering menu is perfect for large events such as weddings, networking events, and large gatherings. The mini catering option is a good fit for those who are throwing birthday parties, family gatherings, and smaller scaled events. Restaurant and food truck menus are great for personal-sized orders to feed you and your friends or family. You can also combine items from various menus to your final order as long as you state which menu type you’d like to order for.

African food NYC

Outside of Brooklyn, you can find their signature Nigerian cuisines in Midtown Manhattan. Their truck is typically located on 828 and 2nd, Ave between 44th and 45th street right outside of the Nigerian consulate. The hours of DF Nigerian Food Truck are typically between 10 am-3 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday locations and time may vary depending on parking.

If you want to get more information, about Nigerian restaurant Brooklyn please go here:- https://divineflavoredcatering.com

Divine Flavored Catering is vegan-friendly and uses only the best available ingredients to ensure each bite is a memorable and delicious one. So if you’re looking for a place to grab the best Nigerian food in NYC, you need to check out their list of items priced at unbeatable rates!

Divine Flavored Catering

992 Atlantic Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 451-6330


Achievement 1: Introduction Post to Hive

Hello Everyone, I am an oldcomer but I went off from the platform for some time now and I am back again so let us say I a new newcomer to the new hive platform I knew way back in 2018. Yes, So I go by the name Desmond Duodu but you can call me Desmond41 for short because that is the username I use on the hive platform. I live in Ghana but I currently reside in Accra that is the Capital city of Ghana. I mostly spend my leisure time listening to music do artwork that is using Photoshop to Edit Photos and sometimes Watches seasonal Movies. My favorite Seasonal movie now is Shameless those who have watched it will testify that is the greatest movie of all time thus the Galliger family, yes you will laugh throughout. Lets me continue with the introduction. I am an IT Technician and also a website developer.

Below are some of my Artworks

3D Design.jpg
water splash with phone.jpg

I used to work with Surfyogi the founder of Artzone. I love spending time with the family but since I am not with them now I love being in my room alone if I am not at work. I love making friends and I love to see my friends make it life and love to put smiles on the face of my friends.

I complete Ghana Technology University In Ghana and I offered a BSc in Information Technology. I use to play Basketball and football but I have stopped playing them because I don’t get much time to train. I love working out and going to the gym but mostly workout in the house. I am happy to introduce myself to this wonderful community again and I hope to read more articles of @randulakoralage and @cryptokannon.

I will also be writing more posts on sports and share more tutorials on photoshop here on the platform. Coming back again I will try my best to promote this platform to my friends and help them in the creation of their account so that they can join this wonderful community. I am really glad to be here again. Don’t forget to check the post of my big Boss @Ackza and follow him as well and if you want to know more about Crypto Currency he is will to help you understand cryptocurrency. Thank you for your time have a great day.

The increasing popularity of CNA programs

The people of Rancho Mirage and the entire Southern California are looking forward to an increase in the staff and medical facilities because it is the need of the hour. We all know that the entire world is going through the Covid-19 crisis and so are small cities like Rancho Mirage, Southern California. This city needs more medical healthcare workers to fight the current situation. Also, for the job aspirants, this is the correct time to enter the healthcare industry as nursing assistants or medical assistants. The medical and nursing assistant jobs are entry-level jobs and can be started after pursuing the basic training programs. The candidates just need to search CNA Program Rancho Mirage CA and they will get an idea as to how to start their career as nursing assistants.

The Southern California Nursing Academy, Inc. (SoCal Nursing) has already started offering various medical training programs for people who want to start their careers in the healthcare industry. The Nursing Assistant Certification Rancho Mirage CAis for all those who want to serve people in this time of crisis. Joining a Nursing Assistant School Rancho Mirage CA gives you a golden chance to learn the basics of nursing and enter the healthcare industry. The nursing assistant is an entry-level job but great for the youngsters who wish to become a registered nurse in the future by bridging the gap of experience and knowledge. Candidates who have just completed their high school diploma and are 16 years of age can enroll for CNA Classes Rancho Mirage CA. The job of nursing assistants is to assist the licensed practical nurse (LPN) and also registered nurse (RN).

The enrolments for CNA programs are increasing as people are becoming aware of their importance. Most people want to know that why the popularity of the CNA Rancho Mirage CAis increasing. It is mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, it is the demand of present condition. When there will be more nursing assistants to serve the patients, the medical facilities will surely become better. Secondly, even during this pandemic when people are losing their jobs, a job in the healthcare industry is safe, secure, and payee. People are becoming aware that how important it is to have basic knowledge about handling a patient or an emergency. They now understand the importance of having basic nursing and first aid skills so that they can handle a medical emergency situation whenever needed.

If you want to get more information, please go here:- https://yourcprmd.com/socalnursingacademy/rancho-mirage-cna-program/

People are enrolling with the CNA Certification Rancho Mirage CAprograms mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, they want to build a career in the healthcare industry, and secondly, they want to increase their basic knowledge of handling patients around them. In both cases, the candidates are benefitting because they will be increasing their knowledge and also preparing for a better future. If you want to enroll in the assistant nursing programs this is the right time now. It will surely prove to be a good decision in the coming time.


73700 Dinah Shore Drive, Suite 107,

Palm Desert, CA 92211



Astrology Remedy for achievement in business and work

At last, we have assembled for you on well-known interest these dependable and powerful strategies to expand the business and flourish. These tone totke are regular family solutions for help acquire ours hears wish, for this situation better business, work success and business and so on Who would not like to be effective? We as a whole need to arrive at the zeniths quicker than others. Nothing incorrectly in this aspiration, here are a few hints to assist you with accomplishing your desire. 

Goddess Lakshmi ought to be propitiated on a Friday by lighting 9 ghee lights at the home raised area. Purchase the Mahakal Nazar Battu and place it at the front entryway raised area over the primary entryway (inside) or NE heading. 

Water the Pipal tree each Saturday and light mustard light at the foundation of the tree. 

On the off chance that you are jobless for quite a while and wish to look for great work take a yellow lemon and cut it into 4 equivalent parts. Toss each piece one toward every path North, South, East, and West at a four-intersection street for 11 back-to-back days without a break. You will get a business. 

On the off chance that you have a proficient issue, douse Black gram on a Friday night and season it with Mustard oil the next day. Separation it into three sections. 33% of it could be given to a pony or wild ox, second part to an untouchable and take the last segment in your grasp, wave it around your head the counter-clockwise way. Do this ceaselessly for 40 days. Your obstruction will vanish.

Assuming you need an ideal posting or advancement, after your shower, offer water and blossom to the rising Sun in the first part of the day for 27 days, straight without a break. 

Introduce the Energized Vyapaar Vridhi Yantra or the Udyoga Vashikaran/Akarshana Yantra to cover Mahakal Face Mask Nazar Battu achievement. 

To avert stink eye from business foundation and homes, introduce the Narsingh face Wall Hanging. Your pay will increment, in the event that you offer wet Black Gram dal to Monkeys on Tuesdays. Offer 7 oats (Santa dhanya) to birds for development in assistance. 

If all else fails that somebody is desirous of your advancement and has a hostile stare on you, get a tooth of a Boar (wild pig) and get it set on the divider in full area. Do this on the main Wednesday of the Waxing(growing)Moon. This will deal with your advancement and in addition, your choices from that point will be adept. 

Take a piece of a string made of crude cotton and color it with unadulterated Saffron reciting the mantra “Om. Mahalakshmi Namah”. Tie this string at your business shop or foundation. Your business will thrive. Those in help should keep this string in the cabinet of their table for better assistance conditions and get fast advancement. 

Get 7 green chilies with a straight stem and a Lime on any Tuesday. Tie them all in a dark string and drape them with the assistance of a stake outside your premises. Do as such on each Tuesday. This action guarantees prospering business. You can do so even on Saturdays too. 

In the event that you have repeating misfortune in business, perform Rahu Ketu Homa/havan. Gather the remains from the home kund, envelop them with white fabric and protect them at home and office. Your business will prosper. Indeed, even ongoing medical conditions will be survived. 

For returning to progress on a misfortune making unit, clear all shrubberies or wild development around the Tulsi plant; in the event that you don’t have one, plant a new one in a perfect region and take the leaves from it and enclose it with yellow fabric for putting both at home and office. See a good outcome for yourself. 

If you want to get more information, please go here:- https://www.amazon.in/Salvus-APP-SOLUTIONS-Narsingh-Multi_5-5×4/dp/B08LKCP5D7/ref

To hold over the business issue, after your initial morning shower, offer water to the rising Sun and serenade the Gayatri mantra close by. On the off chance that conceivable, serenade Aditya hridaya stothra moreover. At the point when you are stressed over a waning number of clients, slice 5 Limes to pieces on a Saturday, and mustard seeds, some dark Pepper, and a Clove. Keep them in the foundation. Following day, pulverize every one of them between your hands. Rehash this and you will see a good outcome. 

For the development of business, clean a segment of business premises with Ganges water; draw a Swastik with Saffron or Turmeric glue. Spot Channa dal and jaggery. Light a ghee light on Thursdays. 

On the off chance that issue emerges, at whatever point material is secured for business, get some toys alongside it and blessing them to kids. You will see positive changes. 

Bring sindoor from ruler Hanuman icon on a Tuesday and continue to put it minimal consistently on the brow. Peruse Hanuman Chalisa. Begin improving outcomes 

To achieve your heart’s want, compose your desire on a little paper. Make little batters of it with wet flour and toss such 100 pills to the fishes on any Sunday, The wish will be satisfied. 

For the expansion in deals dissipate a fistful of pepper and dark grams in your shop on Sunday. Clear them yourself with a brush and cover them in an opening. Consequently, any ‘dark wizardry’ or stink eye cast on your shop gets ineffective and the business increment commonly.