// Bitcoin SV up 50%

Just looked at the CMC a few mins ago to see Bitcoin Fake i.e. BSV up 50%. Ive shared my opinion on these shitcoins many times so bashing BSV again is pointless.
I was curious as to why it went up so much so i went on browsing.

Apparently someone shared some fake news about Bitcoin Fake on Wechat. The message said that Binance was listing BSV again which was ofc not true. Almost instantly BSV went up 65%.

I mean, what is this thing we are dealing with?

On Steem we are having big debates about curation split, bots, parasitic psychopaths as if that will somehow affect the price. But does it really?
All those things seem to only affect who gets more inflation and ends up with more Steem in the end. The authors or the big stake holders.

So it seems that all you need to do to moon STEEM is plant some news about STEEM being listed on a major exchange…. All you need is a screenshot to fix all our problems. Imagine that! Instead of thousands of pages of debates you could fix everything with a well placed screenshot carrying fake news.

Aint Crypto grand?

The “Dumpening” continues // $BSV

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I have to say that im proud for once of the crypto community. For a long time now i was very disappointed because of how nonsensical the crypto market is, how poorly it evaluates projects.
For a market that is mostly unregulated with investors having absolute freedom of choice, seeing how poorly they choose makes me question my investments every day.

But today that sentiment is a bit weaker.. lol.. The only semi-decent centralized exchange we have has decided to strike back at the corruption and the lies of one well known fraud. Mister Faketoshi and his shitcoin that has a 1 billion market cap..

How it has a 1 billion market cap is beyond me…… Getting worked up again. How does a project, basically run by a proven fraud gets to 1 billion market cap??? Could someone please explain that to me?
Is the fraud community that strong and has that much money? Is it just hype that kept it that high? Is it the fact they have so many USDT pairs?
Ugh, i cant be asked. lol.

But… Things are looking up.

Few weeks ago i wrote a post about how we as Steemians/Cryptonians (Just made that up, sounds cool though) have a duty to speak up when we run into shitcoin shillings. When we see scams, dishonesty and unfair FUD. But we dont do that. We are nice.
We just dropped to 53 in MC, its time to stop being nice. Its time to show the middle finger to folks like Faketoshi, projects like Verge and ETC, and tell them:

“Come at me Bro!” Lets compare the value of our projects.

Focusing only on how you will share your post on twitter, or get Dan to curate you is nice and all, but its shortsighted. If he and a handful of other whales like him are doing their part then you should be doing yours as well.

Anyways, just a few thoughts and a call to war. lol.

The Crypto Community has Spoken!

Something very interesting has been happening in crypto for the last week or so. If you didn’t look carefully, you may have missed the broader implications.

By now it is well known that self-proclaimed-Satoshi Craig Wright went after Twitter personality @hodlonaut, placing a bounty on his head in an attempt to find his true identity and saying that he would sue anyone else who denies that he is Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig wants people to identify hodlonaut by his tattoos and offered a 70 BSV reward (about $5000 at the time). However, this rewards is becoming less and less attractive as time